How to maintain the solar water heater suspend use?

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How to maintain the solar water heater suspend use?

  Before we start, I will ask a small question, "How to maintain the solar water heater suspend use?" Because some users do not want the solar water heater to be in working condition because there is no one at home for a period of time, they will think of ways to suspend the solar water heater, and To maintain this. Although users who don't understand think of this aspect, they don't know how to operate it.

To this end, two solutions have been sorted out to solve users' worries about this.


  The first is the full water plan. What is the full water plan? The full water solution is to fill the solar water heater with water. This scheme is more suitable for warm areas and areas where the temperature is not lower than 0 degrees. If you need to use it again, you must refill the solar energy one day in advance after 22:00 at night;

  The second is the empty water solution. Empty the water in the water tank and the water in the pipeline, and then turn on the faucet of the solar hot water pipe to keep the solar hot water pipe unobstructed. This solution is suitable for cold areas and areas where pipelines are easy to freeze and cause damage. However, this solution will cause premature aging of the solar water heater's collector tubes.


  Note that when you use it again, you must fill up the solar energy one day in advance after 22:00 at night or before 7:00 in the morning. If you choose a solution, you need to choose the appropriate solution according to your needs. If the connecting pipe outside the solar building in your home is an antifreeze pipe, it is better to use the first option. And these two schemes have one thing in common, it is very good if they can block the sunlight from irradiating the solar evacuated collector tube. You can use cloth to cover it, which is the best and easiest way.

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