How to fill a non-pressurized water heater

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How to fill a non-pressurized water heater

In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, various types of water heaters are emerging one after another, but for ordinary households, non-pressure solar water heaters are undoubtedly the best choice. Non-pressure solar water heaters are more environmentally friendly and can save electricity than other water heaters. In the process of use, water is an essential step, so how to add water into the tank?

1.Manually control the valve to add water

    In the case that there is no installation of any watering device, the water heater needs to be manually added water, that is, when the water in the water tank is insufficient, it is necessary to open the valve to add water, and when the water overflows the water tank, the valve is manually closed. But this method is a waste of water and time consuming.

2. Use the auxiliary tank to add water

Inside the auxiliary tank is a float and a plug. When the water level in the solar tank drops, the float on the auxiliary tank sinks, the plug opens, and the cold water in the cold water pipe connected to the auxiliary tank enters the auxiliary tank. Then through the plug, the cold water enters the main water tank. The cold water pipe connected to the auxiliary water tank needs to be directly connected to the cold water pipe at home, and this pipe can no longer take hot water.


3.Use controller to add water

Using the controller to add water can be divided into according to water level, according to water temperature and timing add water.

If it is based on the water level, assuming that the set value is 50%-80%, then when the water level reaches the lower limit, water is added, and the upper limit is reached to stop adding water.

If water is added according to the water temperature, the water temperature will always be controlled at the set temperature.

If you use a solenoid valve to add water, it will automatically delay the water supply. The default delay is 0.5 hours, so that the water temperature will not suddenly drop when you take a bath.

The the best time to add the water is two hours before sunrise or after sunset. Because the vacuum tube can reach 250 degrees Celsius when it is exposed to sun, if water is added at this time, the vacuum tube will burst due to excessive temperature difference.

The use of non-pressure solar water heaters is increasingly widespread, and understanding how to water is also a necessary step for non-pressure solar water heaters. You can choose the way to add water according to your needs. In the case of water heater, our company also provides the auxiliary water tank and controller. If you need any help, you can contact us.

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