How solar water heaters work

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 How solar water heaters work

A solar water heater is a device that uses solar energy to heat water. Its working principle is based on the photothermal conversion and heat conduction principles of solar energy. The working principle of solar water heaters will be introduced in detail below.

Solar water heaters are mainly composed of the following components: solar collectors, water storage tanks, heat exchangers and waterway systems.

First, let’s understand how solar collectors work. Solar collectors generally consist of a set of black heat-absorbing plates (also called solar vacuum tubes), with a vacuum inside. When sunlight hits the surface of the heat-absorbing panel, the heat-absorbing panel absorbs solar radiation energy and converts it into heat energy. Heat-absorbing panels usually use materials with high absorptivity and low emissivity to improve the absorption of solar radiation and reduce heat energy loss.

Next, after being heated by the heat-absorbing plate, the cold water in the water system is naturally circulated or pumped into the heat-absorbing plate. Under the action of the heat-absorbing plate, the cold water rises after being heated to form hot water, which is transferred to the water in the water storage tank through the heat exchanger.

As one of the core components of solar water heaters, the heat exchanger mainly plays the role of conducting heat energy. It is located between the heat absorbing plate and the water storage tank, and transfers the heat energy in the heat absorbing plate to the water in the water storage tank. Heat exchangers are usually made of metal materials with good thermal conductivity to ensure efficient heat transfer.

Finally, the hot water flows into the water storage tank through the water system for storage. Water storage tanks are generally insulated using thermal insulation materials to reduce heat energy loss. When hot water is needed, it can be taken directly from the water storage tank.

In summary, the working principle of a solar water heater is to use a solar collector to absorb solar radiation heat and convert it into thermal energy. The thermal energy is transferred to the water in the water storage tank through a heat exchanger, and ultimately the supply of hot water is achieved. This method of heating water using solar energy, a clean and renewable energy, is both environmentally friendly and economical. It is a green energy utilization technology widely used at present. With proper design and use, solar water heaters can provide people with a long-lasting, efficient supply of hot water. rious purposes.

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