Hotel solar water heating system application

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 Hotel solar water heating system application

In order for the economy to embark on the path of sustainable development, the current environment is becoming more and more stable. The development of new energy is being stepped up, and solar energy, which has always played an important role in the history of human development, has naturally become the target of people's use.

As a clean and pollution-free renewable resource, this energy is used in various fields. This article starts with the solar water heating system in the hotel to discuss its design and research.

1 Brief description of solar collector and hot water system

1.1 Basic principles of solar collector design

The principle of the use of solar energy is simply to absorb the solar radiation through a special material, and then use professional equipment to convert it into the energy we need. Such as thermal energy, electrical energy and so on. Here, the solar collector in the hot water system of the hotel will be used for specific description.

1.2 Classification of solar collectors

Collectors are generally divided into two categories: flat-plate solar collectors and evacuated tube solar collectors; evacuated tube solar collectors include all-glass evacuated tubes, heat pipe evacuated tubes and U-tube evacuated tubes; their operating conditions and characteristics are various Pros and cons.

2 Solar water heating system

2.1 Principles and classification

According to the heating method, it can be divided into two categories: direct and indirect. The domestic hot water source of the direct system directly flows through the solar heat collector, and is heated by the collector plate and then flows back to the hot water storage tank to supply domestic hot water. The domestic hot water of the indirect system is not directly heated by solar collectors. The system will not cause blockage and is suitable for various water quality and large-scale systems.

2.2 Star hotel hot water system design

The hotel's solar water heating system is composed of solar collectors, heat preservation water tanks, connecting pipes, control centers, and heat exchangers. Solar collectors use the radiant heat of the sun to transport hot water from the collector to the heat preservation water tank through pipelines, and cold water from the heat preservation water tank to the heat collector. The whole system forms a closed loop as the primary heat source, and then through the exchange Heaters and pressurized water supply equipment are supplied to each hot water point.

As a kind of renewable clean energy, solar energy is widely used in various fields. It fully embodies the ecological concept of energy saving and environmental protection and must be developed and researched vigorously. In the process of star hotel design, we must pay attention to the performance of solar water heating system, rationally plan the area, and scientifically arrange it, so as to efficiently use solar energy, reduce hotel operating costs, and improve hotel competitiveness.

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