Design analysis of solar water heating system combined with building

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The solar hot water system can effectively convert solar energy into heat energy and supply the demand for hot water. It can greatly reduce the use of electric energy and does not cause any pollution during use. Solar energy is a renewable energy source, so solar energy is an ideal new energy source. In the design of the building, the combination of solar energy and building design can effectively improve the heating system of the building.

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1. Flat roof design and installation issues

The flat roof installation of solar water heating systems is currently the most common installation method.

The following factors should be considered in the design of the combination of solar water heating system and building.

①The load on the roof and the distribution of the structural bridge, whether there is building blockage in the south of the roof, the configuration of the water source and the power supply; in addition, the installation of the solar water heating system should avoid the fire passage and cannot affect the normal use of the fire protection facilities. Also pay attention to the installation plan;

②The installation position and direction and the inclination angle should be calculated during the installation of the solar water heating system. Ensure the absorption of light and solar energy; finally, it is necessary to consider the arrangement of equipment and pipelines reasonably, and need to leave enough maintenance and maintenance channels.

2. Design and installation of the inclined roof

With the diversification of current architectural design, people's living standards have improved, and the application of oblique roof architecture has become more and more.

However, the design of the inclined roof can cause great obstacles in the installation process of the solar water heating system. It may be considered to plan the orientation of the inclined roof to the south direction during the design of the house.

If it is not possible to face the south, it is unfortunately chosen to be placed within 15 degrees of the thing. The slope of the sloping roof should be as close as possible to the angle of inclination of the solar collector to the ground.

In addition, when installing a solar water heater, it can be attached and embedded. There is currently a ridge-top solar water heater designed specifically for inclined roofs. This water heater can adjust the heat collection angle according to different regional lighting characteristics.

3. Design and installation issues in high-rise residential buildings

Because of the high floor, the high-rise residence has a small space for access to the light source. Therefore, there are many problems when installing a solar water heating system. First of all, in the process of installation, many pipes need to be arranged, which causes an increase in cost. At the same time, there are certain safety hazards in the installation of the high-rise, and there are certain difficulties in maintenance.

Therefore, in the installation process of the solar water heating system, the above problems must be solved as much as possible to achieve efficient use of the water heater. For the application of solar water heating system in high-rise buildings, the principle of combining household installation and collective installation can be adopted, and high-efficiency heat pump is used as auxiliary heating to improve the low density, intermittent and instability of solar energy. "All weather heating" requirements.

First, a solar primary heating system is installed on the roof. The design uses a hot water tank and a collector for the system where the roof can be used. The auxiliary heating can be a high-efficiency air source heat pump system.

Secondly, the households in the south set up a solar secondary heating system, and the hot water heated by the roof solar water heating system once enters the user's solar water heating system through the hot water meter, and can be used after the second heating.

In order to facilitate the design combined with the building, the solar water heating system of the household should be designed with novel, efficient and intelligent products. The color tone and shape of the collector should meet the requirements of the building facade.


With the pace of sustainable development, the construction industry has gradually turned to energy conservation and environmental protection. It has been widely used in the use of solar energy, especially the application of heating technology. With the improvement of people's quality of life, the combination of building and solar hot water presents an inevitable trend, which can effectively save energy and green energy for long-term use.

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