Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

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 Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

Summer means ideal swimming conditions, allowing you to avoid the heat. But what about those days that are not too hot? If you want to use more pools throughout the year, pool heaters are an ideal way to keep the water at the right temperature for comfortable swimming. Solar swimming pool heaters are a popular choice for many home swimming pools. Today, we will discuss the benefits of solar swimming pool heating.

Environmentally friendly

The most obvious benefit of a solar pool heater is that it is environmentally friendly. Solar energy is a form of renewable energy. Solar panels transfer heat from the sun directly to your swimming pool. In Australia, we have a lot of sunshine, so why not use it and use it to keep the swimming pool warm!

Save energy costs

Owning a swimming pool will definitely increase your energy costs, and many people worry that pool heaters will consume too much water. However, solar heaters have high energy efficiency because you are using the sun to heat the swimming pool. Soon, you will see a return on investment. The service life of solar water heaters is also very long, which is a wise investment.

Easy to maintain

If you want to perform as little maintenance as possible, solar heaters are a good choice due to their low maintenance costs. Unlike other types of heaters, they are not easily blocked, and there are no motors or fans that you need to worry about. Your solar heater should be used for about 15 to 20 years. If you add to the pool later or want to increase the rate of pool heating, you can easily install more panels along the production line without disturbing the existing solar panels.

Fascinating effect

Think that solar heating of swimming pools is a complicated process with many parts? Well, it's not. Solar pool heating is one of the most direct processes, and its effect on water is completely transparent. Here is the basics, there are pipes along or connected to the solar panels on the roof. By pumping the water in the pool, along these pipes, the heat collected inside the solar panel can be slowly transferred to the flowing water. When the pumped water finally reaches the pool water, the heat can be distributed. Very simple, it is another benefit of solar swimming pool heating.

Quiet performance

One of the problems people encounter when using pool heaters is that they can hear sounds while running. Solar water heaters are known for being quiet, so you can enjoy silent water. The collection of heat is done by the sun's rays, not by the electric motor, so the solar panels will not produce audible noise. Purchasing a truly quiet pump for a solar panel pool heater will produce almost ambient noise audio. If this appeals to you, please ask your pool technician which solar heater is the quietest.

Visually attractive, very suitable for moving

Solar panels are cool, there is no doubt about it. Even though they may not fit the original architecture of your house, they will still have a positive effect on the appearance of the house. The black panels give them a certain exquisite appearance, which slightly improves the quality of the house. This is very important, if you plan to relocate in the future, because having a solar pool heating system will definitely increase the price. You can add a visually attractive house to the already long list of solar pool heating functions.

Hide out of sight

The best-looking swimming pool is one that is clean both inside and outside. Most pool heaters get you stuck in absolutely annoying giant rollers or giant machines, and solar heating cannot do that. Most achievements take place underground or at least hidden out of sight. Remember the heating tube mentioned earlier, the heating tube is easy to hide, so you can keep the simple style of the pool. Environmentally and physically clean design is another major benefit of solar swimming pool heating.

If you have any interests of solar pool heating system, feel free to contact Sunflower Team, we can provide a full solution with you.

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