Antifreeze method of solar water heater in winter

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Antifreeze method of solar water heater in winter

In winter, for customers who use water heaters, the most fear is that the temperature is too low to cause the water heater to freeze. How to effectively avoid freezing and how to solve the icing problem?

1. First of all, when the winter enters, we must first check the pipes of the solar water heaters. Pay attention to whether the screws at the pipe joints are loose, whether the pipes are cracked, disconnected, or leaked. If there are any, we must pay attention. service.

2. Take good insulation measures

1. For solar energy pipelines, it is best to wrap them with foam, cotton and linen fabrics, plastics, etc., which can play a role in heat preservation.

2. General solar water heaters have electric heating cables. When the temperature is lower than zero, remember to turn on the electric heating cables to protect the solar water heaters from freezing.

3. Dripping antifreeze

As long as the water keeps flowing, there is little chance of being frozen. Before going to bed at night, you can slightly turn on the hot water faucet to let the water drop and ensure the water flows in the pipe. Remember to put a bucket to catch the water, and it can be used the next day. Don't waste water.

4. Emptying and antifreeze

Because the previous method may cause a waste of water resources, I will recommend another method for you. When the temperature is particularly low or solar energy is not used for a long time, the original water in the solar water heater should be caught with a bucket and drained. In this way, there is no water in the water pipe, and naturally it will not freeze.

5. Pay attention to choosing the time of Sheung Shui

The use of solar water heaters in winter needs to determine the time to add water according to weather conditions. If the outdoor temperature is above zero, consider adding water that night; if the outdoor temperature is below zero, it is best to add water the next morning to prevent the water outlet from being frozen.

6. The method of thawing

If the solar water heater is frozen, how can it be defrosted quickly and safely?

1. There is electric heating on the water heater, just turn on the electric heating directly.

2. For hot water pipes that have been frozen, you can use warm water to thaw them. Do not use hot water or directly hit the pipes! Doing so may cause the pipeline to burst directly.

The above are some tips for anti-freezing water heaters, I hope it will be helpful to you who have this problem.

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