Advantages of solar water heaters

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 Advantages of solar water heaters

Traditional energy water heaters have shown their disadvantages in the era of promoting environmental protection and energy conservation. The second solar water heaters fully comply with the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation, and are accepted by the public.

Although the electric water heater is easy to install and is not affected by the weather, the safety risks of the brand are very large, and the added value of the branded products is high, the cost performance is low, and the power consumption is large. The power is rarely less than 1.5 kilowatts. The daily electricity bill is not a small expense, there is a potential safety hazard, the electrical professional requirements are high, and the leakage protection device must be installed.

Its power is relatively large, you need to reserve 4 square meters of copper core wire to install the water heater. In addition, because of the large power, a large amount of electric energy is consumed during the operation, although the internal components of the electric electric water heater can effectively save electric energy, but compared with the general electric water heater, some electric energy is wasted.

Look at the gas water heater, the price of the miscellaneous brand is low, but the safety hazard is large, and it is not affected by the weather, electricity and other factors. As long as the gas is sufficient, the hot water can be discharged, and the heating is fast, that is, the heating is heated.

The user can't adjust the temperature himself during the bathing process, but must adjust the temperature before entering the bathroom. There is some cold water waste before the hot water reaches the tap, and the country has regulations for its service life, which is suitable for use in low gas price areas.

Why are more and more people choosing solar water heaters? The reasons are as follows:

1. Green renewable energy

Solar energy is a renewable energy source. Compared with conventional energy sources, solar energy is inexhaustible and inexhaustible. As long as there is sunlight, solar water heaters can perform light-to-heat conversion. Solar water heaters can operate all year round.

2. Significant economic benefits

The long-term benefit of an investment is a significant feature of solar water heaters. Under normal circumstances, the family uses solar water heaters for heating, which can save 90% of electricity and gas costs for heating water, reduce household expenses, and recover all investment within 1 to 4 years.

3. Use with other energy sources

Solar water heaters can be used with other energy sources to operate around the clock. Such as solar floor heating, solar radiators, solar lawn lights, solar panels and so on.

4. Green

As a clean renewable energy source, solar energy has no environmental pollution and no safety hazards. For example, the use of solar water heaters in the province can reduce the average temperature by 1 °C. Therefore, the use of solar energy makes our provinces more blue, greener, clearer, and cooler. It is an effective measure for environmental protection.

5. Safe and long service life

At present, there are safety problems in the gas water heaters and electric water heaters that are used in large quantities. The number of deaths caused by the use of water heaters in the province is more than 5 per year. The use of solar energy has no hidden dangers of poisoning and electric shock. It is very safe and the service life of main components of solar water heaters is very safe. Up to 15 years.

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