Advantages of solar water heater floor heating system

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Advantages of solar water heater floor heating system

For those interested in learning more about the inherent advantages of floor heating, here is a brief description of the seven main advantages:

low maintenance cost

Perhaps one of the most common reasons people choose to install underfloor heating is simply because it requires very little maintenance of any kind once installed. This is the case with electric floor heating and water floor heating.

The only caveat when installing a floor heating system is that the installation company usually offers a guarantee of at least 25 years.

energy efficiency

Underfloor heating is generally much more efficient than older radiators and therefore more cost-effective in terms of utility bills.

However, it would be wise to install a heating system while doing an efficiency test. This will assess the overall effectiveness of your home insulation and ensure you get the best performance from your heating.

Because the ground itself is heated, it retains heat better than traditional radiators, which cool quickly when turned off, causing the heat they generate to quickly dissipate. With underfloor heating, the home will be better able to retain heat.

On the subject of cost, it's also worth giving a brief overview of the advantages of electrical and plumbing systems.

The installation cost of hydrothermal floor heating is usually much higher. Because it is not only necessary to lay plumbing pipes, but also need to install boilers for heating water heating. Plumbing is also required when the residents are no longer at home, so that the house can be maintained at a suitable temperature to prevent the plumbing pipes from being frozen.

Electric floor heating, on the other hand, costs less to install (in fact, even the most inexperienced can lay it), but in the long run, it costs a bit more to run. From the perspective of the country's new energy policy in the longer term, gas heating may also withdraw from the market in the future.

Which type of system you choose is really a personal choice. That is, where do we have to make trade-offs.

All-round comfort

Starting from the above, but it is worth mentioning in particular that the house feels more comfortable when heated through the floor.

Quite simply, this is because the temperature around the room is consistent, for example one corner is not cooler than the other, which is often the case with radiator systems that rely on convection. So, no more fighting for a spot near the radiator!

Floor heating is more hygienic

With radiators and convection heating, the floor stays cold and the floor can get wet. This is the perfect breeding ground for the dreaded dust mites.

However, because the ground is heated, any dust mites and other creepy reptiles will find that underfloor heating makes their environment too warm and dry for them to survive and reproduce.

The results of switching to underfloor heating can be shocking. Studies show that installing radiant heating in your home can reduce dust mite populations by up to 80%!

Therefore, people with respiratory conditions such as asthma will feel more comfortable with this setup.

Can be used on most floor surfaces

Contrary to popular belief, radiant heating can now be installed on the vast majority of floor surfaces, provided you choose the right system.

Many people think that underfloor heating relies on a solid ground floor like tile or stone (probably because they experience it first in a quality hotel bathroom).

However, this is not necessarily true, in fact, such heating systems can now work under any type of floor - vinyl, engineered wood, carpet, laminate, etc.

Because the system relies on the ground to retain heat, solid surfaces work better than coverings with insulating materials such as wood.

Flexibility at room temperature

Since each room has its own dedicated thermostat, it's not necessary to keep one room as warm as the others.

While many radiators are now fitted with thermostatic valves, these can prove unreliable, and temperature control is often more susceptible than an exact science.

With a good control system, it's easy to save money by keeping seldom-used rooms cooler (or even shutting them down), while critical living areas are kept as warm as possible.

It's also a useful feature for those who prefer to set their own temperature - after all, some of us are more afraid of the cold than others.

Ideal for open space living

Frankly - radiators take up space and will never win any awards for their aesthetic quality.

Naturally, underfloor heating eliminates the need for any radiators throughout the home and frees up space that could be used for extra furniture, or even just to keep the room tidy.

This is indeed one of the main reasons why many new homes are heated this way.

in conclusion

Hopefully these seven points will highlight the potential benefits of underfloor heating and explain why it is an excellent choice for home heating looking to efficiently manage energy usage and enjoy better overall comfort standards.

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