solar heating system for floor

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solar heating system for floor

1. The composition of solar floor heating system: The general solar floor heating system is mainly composed of seven parts: solar collector, hot water storage tank, auxiliary heating device, pipe fittings, heat dissipation device, circulating pump and control system.

2. The heating principle of the solar floor heating system: the whole system absorbs solar radiation through the solar collector, heats the water and other media circulating in it, flows to the hot water storage tank for storage, and then circulates through the pipeline to the end of the heat dissipation. When the solar radiation is not strong in the rainy weather, turn on the auxiliary heating device to complete the conversion from light energy to heat energy. This is the principle of solar heating.

3. Features of solar floor heating system:

Safe and reliable: Because solar energy is used as the heat source, it avoids the threat of poisoning that may be caused by heat sources such as gas. When the solar radiation is sufficient, it is not necessary to turn on the auxiliary heating, which avoids electricity accidents. The elderly and children can also be controlled and used, and the safety factor is high.

Beautiful and simple: unlike traditional solar energy, it does not need a sufficient space to place it. The solar collector can be placed on the roof, balcony, exterior wall, or placed on the platform using a bracket.

Comprehensive application: It is not only used for heating in winter, but also can be used for hot water throughout the year to meet the needs of domestic water and floor heating. Because it is clean energy, it does not require approval under the demand for central heating. The construction cost is equivalent to that of ordinary boilers, but the later maintenance costs are greatly reduced, and the service life is long without worrying about aging and replacement. It can be used throughout the year with high efficiency.

The operation is simple and easy to operate. It can be operated 24 hours a day in a sunny climate area. If it is cloudy or rainy or has high temperature requirements, you can turn on the power supply to assist heating. The whole system is safe and reliable, green and pollution-free.

Intelligent control: No need to worry about saving money. Solar energy is free energy and can be turned on 24 hours a day. The intelligent control system integrates solar energy and electric energy to minimize energy consumption. Remote control system, adjust the temperature and switch of the heating system according to your own needs, check the operating status of the floor heating system through data, warning of faults, and timely maintenance.

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