Why you need a greenhouse fan

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Why you need a greenhouse fan

Because temperature and humidity conditions often change, environmental control in a greenhouse can be a major challenge. External factors depend on weather, location and season. In the interior, you need to consider the cultivation situation, area, greenhouse height and so on.

The ideal temperature and humidity can ensure the full growth of the crops in the greenhouse without being attacked by pests and fungi. In other words, the optimal greenhouse climate can ensure high quality and high yield and have a positive impact on plants.


If the temperature is too high, the plant will "breathe" faster, and the glucose (sugar) will be burned and no longer available for growth. However, the temperature is too low and will have an adverse effect on photosynthesis, and then affect the growth of crops.

Air humidity

If the air humidity is too low, nutrients may burn, making crop growth slower. If the humidity is too high, the plants will hardly absorb nutrients and water, and they will be more sensitive to fungi and pests.

In order to achieve the desired degree of evaporation at the plant level, the air must have the correct temperature, humidity and flow rate.

Fan ventilation

When controlling humidity and temperature in a greenhouse, ventilation and circulation are one of the most important methods. Therefore, the correct use of ventilation equipment can ensure:

Optimize air distribution to prevent vertical temperature difference and achieve uniform growth;
Better control of humidity at the plant level;
Reduce energy costs;

Provides a constant low air flow rate at all levels.

If your greenhouse or other places needs to install fans for ventilation, then please contact Sunflower Solar. We will provide you with a solution.

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