Which auxiliary heating is the most suitable for engineering project solar water heating system ?

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Which auxiliary heating is the most suitable for engineering project solar water heating system ?


  With the continuous development of society and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, there are more and more people using solar water heaters, and the use of solar water heaters is becoming more and more extensive, and they are gradually being used in some large-scale projects that use large amounts of hot water. Solar water heating system is a good choice.

  But everyone knows that although the solar water heating system is very convenient to use in engineering, it will be a little troublesome if the light is not enough, and it is necessary to start the auxiliary heating, otherwise the water is not hot enough to affect the use. So which kind of auxiliary heating is most suitable for engineering project?



When the solar hot water system on the market currently has insufficient heat, there are several ways to perform auxiliary heating: electric heating auxiliary heating, boiler steam auxiliary heating, gas water heater auxiliary heating, air energy heat pump auxiliary heating and other methods.


1. Electric heating auxiliary heating

     The water is heated mainly by electricity. Advantages: This way of heating is very fast. Disadvantages: ① There is no separation of water and electricity; ② When heating immediately, the power consumption is relatively large. From the perspective of safety and energy conservation, solar water heating systems are not recommended in large-scale projects. The cost of use will also rise.

2. Boiler auxiliary heating

     The boiler is a kind of energy conversion equipment. The energy input to the boiler includes chemical energy and electric energy in the fuel, and the boiler outputs steam, high temperature water or organic heat carrier with certain thermal energy. This heating method consumes too much material, and the insufficient combustion causes serious air pollution, and the safety factor is not high. Although boiler-assisted heating seems to save money, it actually consumes a lot of manpower and resources.

3. Gas water heater auxiliary heating

     This kind of auxiliary heating needs to start with high water pressure, users who live on high floors cannot start without a booster pump; the installation requires holes in the wall to arrange air fans; different gas, its burner shape, nozzle size, gas channel The cross-sectional area is different. The amount of gas consumed will also be relatively large, which is not cost-effective.

4. Air energy heat pump auxiliary heating

  This method of heating is the best auxiliary heating method for large-scale solar hot water system projects. It has multiple advantages such as low cost, easy operation, good heating effect, safety, and cleanliness. It uses a small amount of electric energy to extract the temperature in the air. The compressed temperature is used to heat the water. This method is safe and energy-saving. It can also gradually reduce the large amount of pollutant emissions brought by traditional heating to the atmosphere. It can basically be used throughout the year.


  According to the explanation of the above-mentioned auxiliary method, it is known that the air-energy heat pump auxiliary heating is the most suitable method for the solar water heating system of large-scale projects. However, for small systems and household solar water heaters, the other three auxiliary heating methods are good choices, electric heating auxiliary heating, boiler steam auxiliary heating, and gas water heater auxiliary heating. These three methods are very suitable for household solar water heaters. And backup energy for small solar water heating system.

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