What is the effect of solar heating system?

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What is the effect of solar heating system?

Solar floor heating is relatively common at present, because solar energy is an environmentally friendly material, and solar energy can better reduce electrical resources, so solar floor heating is generally common at present, and the effect of solar floor heating is a topic of concern, because after use Performance is very important.

What is the effect of solar heating?

A. In addition to storing the heat energy of the day like general heating, solar heating can also store solar energy for a week, and even achieve cross-season energy storage, storing the solar energy in spring, summer and autumn for the heating season.

b. The shape of the collector can be designed according to the surrounding environment, so that the whole environment is harmonious and balanced. And the collector can be placed vertically, which can not only avoid overheating in summer, but also provide heating in winter.

c. The water tank can be installed underground, saving ground space, and is not affected by underground moisture and rainwater intrusion.

D. Solar heating can be combined with auxiliary energy, including oil-fired boilers, gas furnaces, biomass boilers, coal-fired boilers, electric heating, heat pumps, etc., to maximize your heating needs.

E. Energy saving and environmental protection can be said to be a major advantage of solar heating. During the non-heating period, it can be used for hot water. During the heating period, compared with other heating equipment, it costs hundreds of dollars per month for heating, electricity, gas, etc., solar heating The energy saving is unparalleled, and it does not produce carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other waste gases, which is very environmentally friendly and safe.

F. Solar heating has high efficiency, long life, fast heat supply and high temperature, which can increase the surface temperature of the radiator by at least 90°C. The lifespan is longer than that of ordinary heaters, which can reach 50 years.

The above explains how the effect of solar floor heating is. There are many materials and materials used for floor heating. Therefore, before using floor heating, you can have a certain understanding of each performance of floor heating, and then decide what kind of floor heating to use. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

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