What is pre-heated type solar water heater

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What is pre-heated type solar water heater

Everyone knows that the compact non-pressure solar water heater uses the principle of thermosyphon to actively carry out natural circulation. The hot water has no pressure, and the hot water is discharged from the water tank by gravity. Therefore, the water pressure is determined by the difference between the installation height of the solar water tank and the height of the hot water outlet. The higher the installation height, the greater the water pressure.

Another type of compact preheating solar water heater with copper coil is an upgraded version of compact non-pressure solar water heater. Because the compact solar water heater with copper coil is based on the non-pressure solar water heater, the water tank is added a copper coil.

At this time, the water tank becomes a place where heat is stored. People connect the tap water pipe directly to the water inlet of the copper coil. The tap water will be heated by the heat in the water tank through the copper coil, and the final hot water is the heated tap water. Water pressure is also equal to the pressure of tap water.

This design can not only bring pressured clean hot water, allowing people to get a better shower experience, but also has a much lower cost than pressurized solar water heaters.

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