What factors will cause solar water heater water supply pollution?

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What factors will cause solar water heater water supply pollution?

The solar water heater is placed on the roof of the building and is exposed to wind, sun and rain. Its normal operation is not only related to the installation quality, but also closely related to the long-term weather conditions and frequency of use. If its quality and regular maintenance are neglected Maintenance, some adverse factors will cause water pollution, burying hidden dangers to the health of users. Today, the editor of Shanglan solar water heater manufacturer, I will introduce to you what factors will cause the water supply pollution of solar water heaters.

In general, the following factors will cause solar water heater water supply pollution.

1• Water tank. Since the water source of the solar water heater is stored in the water storage tank and converted into hot water for the user, the internal and external quality of the water heater is the key to affecting the use of hygiene. The solar water heater water storage tank is made of aluminum, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, quartz glass and other materials. Among them, stainless steel is better than other aluminum materials, angle iron, color steel and other materials. .

2 • Tap water. After the tap water is output from the water plant, it may be polluted again in the process of flowing into the water pipeline network and then to each user. For example, the inner walls of water pipes and water tanks are the parts that are most in contact with domestic water, and the quality of their inner wall coatings will directly affect the water quality. Rust and algae make it contain water-soluble toxic components, and even carcinogenic components dissolve in water, causing water pollution.

3 • Water pipes. Since the material of the water pipe directly affects the quality of drinking water, in order to protect human health, the national health standards must comply with the "Regulations on the Safety Evaluation of Drinking Water Transmission and Distribution Equipment and Protective Materials", so the traditional cast iron water pipe is easy to rust , has been phased out and replaced by plastic tubing. Before S, rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) was mainly used for urban water supply, drainage and building water supply and drainage pipelines.

As we all know, the plastic water pipes used in solar water heaters transport hot water, so the water pipes must have high standards of high temperature resistance, cold resistance, aging resistance, non-toxic and tasteless. However, some illegal cattle production enterprises even use industrial and domestic waste to produce water pipes. In this way, the unqualified plastic water pipes are "eroded" by the hot water of the solar water heater, and the organic matter in the pipes will be released after heating And dissolved in water, such as residual difluoroethane can enter the human body through the skin and esophagus, short-term contact irritates the eyes, skin and respiratory tract, may cause harm to the central nervous system and lungs, long-term or repeated exposure can cause dermatitis , acts on the liver, kidneys and mucous membranes; short-term exposure to its residual vinyl chloride will irritate the eyes, and long-term or repeated exposure may act on the liver, blood vessels and connective tissue, causing chronic diseases.

Therefore, solar hot water is generally not recommended for drinking or drinking. If you want to drink, you also need to use all the accessories of the national standard. The accessories used by Changzhou Shanglan are all national standard and can be used with confidence.

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