What are the tips for using solar water heaters?

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What are the tips for using solar water heaters?

What are the tips for using solar water heaters?

  First of all, you must wait for the temperature in the vacuum tube to drop before adding cold water.

   When using in summer, it is best to use the water at night or before sunrise in the morning, otherwise the water temperature will be too high and scale will easily form.

   The exhaust port is strictly forbidden to be blocked. When working with overflow pipe, the tee should be installed first, the upper port is exhausted, the lower port overflows, and the exhaust port is strictly forbidden to be blocked, otherwise the water tank may be damaged due to poor exhaust.

   When using, you should first test the water temperature and adjust the water temperature slowly to avoid burns.

   When the temperature is below -8°C in winter, for products that do not have automatic antifreeze, the water in the water tank should be used several times a day to increase the temperature of the pipeline, which will achieve better antifreeze effect. Drain the water after using it at night, and then refill the water the next morning. If the pipeline is frozen and blocked, it will melt when the weather is clear and the temperature rises, and there is no damage to the water heater.

   When taking a bath, if the water in the solar water heater has been used up and the person has not finished washing, then you can use cold water for a few minutes, use the cold water to sink and the hot water to float, and push the hot water in the vacuum tube out, and then you can take a bath. .

   If there is still a little hot water in the solar water heater after taking a shower, then you can take a few more minutes of cold water to wash one more person.

   According to the weather forecast to determine the amount of water, you can get a more satisfactory water temperature. If it is sunny tomorrow, you can fill up the water; if it is cloudy or cloudy, add half the tank of water; if it rains, keep the original water and do not add cold water.

   After taking a bath at night, if there is still half of the hot water in the water heater tank of nearly 70 degrees, in order to prevent excessive heat loss (the less water, the faster the heat loss), the water temperature should be determined according to the weather forecast. Tomorrow is sunny, full of water; rainy day, 2/3 of the water.

   Adjustment of hot and cold water: The steps of water temperature adjustment of the water heater: first open the cold water valve, adjust the flow of cold water appropriately, and then open the hot water valve to adjust until the required bath temperature is obtained. In addition, you can determine the amount of cold water based on experience and weather conditions. Be careful not to face the human body to avoid burns.

   How to prolong the life: In order to prolong the life of the solar water heater, users should pay attention to:

   After the water heater is installed and fixed, non-professionals should not easily move or disassemble it to avoid damage to key components; no debris should be placed around the water heater to eliminate the hidden danger of hitting the vacuum tube; regularly check the exhaust holes to ensure that they are unobstructed to avoid swelling or pumping. deflate the water tank; when cleaning the vacuum tube regularly, be careful not to damage the tip of the lower end of the vacuum tube; the solar water heater with auxiliary electric heating device should pay special attention to the water supply to prevent dry burning without water.

   The above are the tips for using solar water heaters, and they are also the places that should be paid attention to. I hope you will pay attention to these.

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