What Is Power of One Flat Plate Solar Collector

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What Is Power of One Flat Plate Solar Collector

Calculating the power output of a flat plate solar collector requires several factors, including solar irradiance, efficiency, and other variables like temperature difference. However, I can provide a simplified estimation based on typical values.

  1. Solar Irradiance: The average solar irradiance varies depending on location, time of year, and weather conditions. For estimation purposes, let's assume an average solar irradiance of 1000 Watts per square meter (W/m²), which is common in many regions.

  2. Efficiency: The efficiency of a solar collector depends on various factors including design, materials, and operating conditions. A typical efficiency for a flat plate solar collector might be around 50-80%.

Given these assumptions, let's proceed with the calculation:

  1. Area of the Collector: 1000 mm×2000 mm=2 m21000 mm×2000 mm=2 m2

  2. Solar Irradiance: 1000 W/m21000 W/m2

  3. Efficiency: Let's assume 60%, which is a reasonable value for a flat plate collector.

The power output (P) of the solar collector can be calculated as:

P=Area×Solar Irradiance×EfficiencyP=Area×Solar Irradiance×Efficiency

P=2 m2×1000 W/m2×0.6P=2 m2×1000 W/m2×0.6

P=1200 WattsP=1200 Watts

So, under these assumptions, the power output of the flat plate solar collector would be approximately 1200 Watts. Keep in mind that this is a simplified estimation and actual values may vary based on specific conditions and the design of the solar collector.

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