The way to solve the problem of overheating of solar collector

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The way to solve the problem of overheating of solar collector

Solar collectors maybe overheat in hot summer or when they are not in use. The main reason for overheating is that since the sun rises, solar collectors automatically absorb heat. But when the absorbed heat is not used up in time, the heat will accumulate, and the temperature will rise, leading to overheating and causing damage to the system.

Therfore, how to solve the overheating problem of solar collectors, the solutions and instructions are as follows.

1. The solar controller has high temperature protection function

When the temperature of the water tank reaches the set value (the default setting is 60℃, you can also set this temperature by yourself), the circulating pump immediately stops working, and the solar collector stops heating the water tank. So as to protect the system from high temperature.

2. Configure PT valve (Pressure Temperature Valve) on the water tank

When the pressure of the water tank reaches 6 bar (or the temperature reaches 95°C), the PT valve will automatically open the drain to release the pressure and reduce the temperature, so as to avoid excessive pressure in the water tank and damage the water tank or shorten the life of the water tank.

3. Equipped with expansion tank in the circulation pipeline

The expansion tank can effectively adjust the pipeline pressure and protect the workstation and pipeline from damage. The model of the expansion tank is selected according to the operating conditions of the entire system configuration, and has a sufficient safety factor, which can effectively adjust the pi pressure under extreme conditions.

In addition, if you install multiple solar collectors in your project, there is too much heat remaining; or if you use it in winter, not use it in summer or the system is idle for a long time. You can take the following two solutions To make your system more secure:

1. As mentioned above, the solar controller has a high-temperature bypass function, which can dissipate excess heat through the radiator. You only need to increase the cost of the three-way solenoid valve and radiator, as well as the cost of power consumption for pump operation, so as to avoid overheating the system.

2. In the season of overheating, cover the solar collector with cloth.

In summary, the overheating of solar heating system can protect our hot water system through the high temperature protection of the controller and the auxiliary work of related accessories. Our SFB system has taken such effective measures in product design to avoid the possible impact of overheating and protect the solar system from damage.

Here you can see the product analysis of the SFB system:

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