The seven most likely problems before and after the use of solar water heaters

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The seven most likely problems before and after the use of solar water heaters

The sales of solar water heaters have been particularly good in recent years, and the main reason for this change is that people's awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased. But behind the huge sales volume has also brought another problem. The lack of knowledge about the use of solar water heaters has led to many failures.


Question 1: How to install and use solar water heaters when there is no tap water


    In areas where there is no running water, solar water heaters should be used. Generally, water can be filled with the help of a water pump. In addition, an auxiliary water tank is added at the same height as the solar water heater to store cold water so that it can be mixed with cold water during bathing.


Question 2: Precautions in the use of solar water heaters


    1. Pay attention to the watering time. Don't go to the water at noon, the best time is after 5 pm.


    2. According to the weather conditions, determine the amount of water to ensure proper water temperature during bathing.


    3. Regularly check whether the pipes, vents and other components of the water heater are working properly.


    4. Periodically flush the vacuum tube in areas with severe air pollution or heavy sandstorms and dry areas.


    5. After the water heater is installed, non-professionals should not easily move, load and unload the whole machine, so as not to damage the key components.


Question 3: How to choose the capacity of the water heater according to the needs of the family?


    Under normal circumstances, each person needs 20-40kg of hot water to take a bath, and each vacuum tube can heat 6.5kg of water. The required water heater capacity can be estimated according to the number of households and the habitual bathing water consumption.


Question 4: How to judge whether the solar water heater is full of water?


    Generally, solar water heaters are equipped with overflow pipes, which can be used to determine the full state of water according to whether the overflow pipe is draining water. In addition, it can be equipped with a water level controller, which automatically alarms when the water is full.


Question 5: What are the reasons that may cause the water tank to burst or collapse?


   Maintenance found that the cause of this situation may be blocked by the vent hole. When water enters or is discharged, the internal air cannot be discharged or replenished in time, resulting in a pressure difference between the internal and external pressures, which will cause the water tank to burst or collapse.


Question 6: What problems should be paid attention to when watering the vacuum tube solar water heater?


    Since the temperature in the vacuum tube can reach about 2500°C when it is air-dried, there is no water in the tank or the first watering must be done before sunrise or half an hour after the sun goes down.


Question 7: How to judge the quality of solar water heaters?


    The solar water heater uses the heat released by the sun to heat the water temperature. The entire water heater includes a heat collection part, a heat storage part, and a support part. The most important basis for judging the quality of solar water heaters is the absorption rate and divergence rate of the heat collection element, which are related to the material and manufacturing process.

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