The purchase of solar water heater depends on these four points.

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The purchase of solar water heater depends on these four points.

Take a look at the effect of concentrating and collecting heat.

The ability of concentrating and collecting heat is not only an important sign to measure the performance of water heater, but also an important factor affecting the heat gain of water heater. The vacuum tube is the sun

The heat collecting "heart" of energy, which converts light energy into heat energy and heats up the water in the water tank. Therefore, the amount of heat obtained by the vacuum tube under the same external conditions directly affects

Sound to the water temperature. At present, there are two kinds of vacuum tubes on the market, - one is the vacuum tube manufactured by traditional gradient film technology, and the other is the vacuum tube manufactured by international leading technology

The Huangming three high vacuum tube manufactured by the patented technology of interference film has the characteristics of "high temperature resistance, high cold resistance and more efficiency". The latter is the alternative product of the former, which will heat

The heat gain of the water heater is increased by 30%, which completely solves the difficulties of the traditional vacuum tube when the water temperature is not high in rainy days and the solar energy is not easy to use when the temperature is too low in winter


Second, look at the thermal insulation performance.

The water storage tank is the "hot water warehouse" of the water heater. Its performance is mainly reflected in the thermal insulation effect. A good insulated water tank depends not only on the thickness of the insulating layer

Degree, but also depends on thermal insulation materials and processes. At present, the most advanced production process in the world is in China, that is, full-automatic numerical control constant temperature and pressure quantitative foaming and high-temperature curing

Treatment and thickening of the insulation layer ensure that the layer quality is more fine and symmetrical, and the insulation performance is more lasting.

III. bearing strength.

The support of solar energy is like a person's "skeleton". Of course, it can't be weak. At present, the streamline tower support is widely used, which adopts reinforced and super

The high base overcomes the deficiency that the traditional thin rod support is thin and not resistant to wind, and has stronger resistance to wind, rain and snow, hail and corrosion.

Fourth, look at brands and services.

The main engine of solar water heater is outdoors, which is subject to wind and rain all year round, and needs to be repaired and maintained by professionals. At present, there are solar water heater manufacturers in China

There are thousands of solar water heaters. Since the country has not yet unified the testing standards for solar water heaters, the quality of some products is not up to the standard, and the installation services are not in place, so it is difficult for users to use solar water heaters

Trouble. Relevant experts believe that buying solar energy is not only a product, but also a service. Therefore, the products of powerful famous brand professional manufacturers should be selected,

The installation service personnel of such manufacturers generally receive professional and technical training and thoughtful service, so that consumers have no worries and get the best guarantee.

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