The features of flat-plate solar collector

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The features of flat-plate solar collector

According to the comparison between flat solar water heater and vacuum tube solar energy, the flat solar water heater has always been the mainstream product in foreign countries. It is mainly composed of pressure plate, sealed rubber strip, glass cover plate, aluminum alloy border, heat absorption plate, thermal conductivity copper tube, thermal insulation layer, bottom plate, etc.


When the flat solar collector is working, solar radiation passes through the transparent cover plate and is projected on the heat absorption plate, which is absorbed by the heat absorption plate and converted into heat energy, and then transmitted to the heat transfer working material in the heat absorption plate, so that the heat transfer working material The temperature increases, A useful energy output as a collector; At the same time, after the temperature rises, the heat absorption plate inevitably radiates around through conduction, convection, and radiation, which becomes the heat loss of the collector. Tablet solar water heater collector is one of the most basic types of solar heat collector, which has simple structure and reliable operation. Flat solar water heater costs appropriate, but also has the ability to withstand the pressure solar collector. The large heat absorption area is one of the best type of heat collector combined with solar energy and architecture. 

Compared with the whole glass solar collector, the first advantage is that it is convenient for large-scale overall engineering. The flat panel solar collector has a simple structure, so it is easy to maintain, and it is also more flexible and simple to use. It has a good use effect. In addition, it also has a variety of features in the appearance. It is easy to install and can be well integrated with the building. Play the effect of decorative beauty.

    The second advantage is that the overall weight is light and(15kg-18 kg/m2) is convenient for high-rise installation. In particular, there are a large number of flat solar collectors installed on the balcony in front of high-rise buildings. The real reason is that the weight is light, safe, and easy to use in one household.

    This kind of flat solar collector is installed on the front balcony of the high-rise building, which does not affect the beauty and practicality. The installation of a 65-100 liter tank in the balcony does not occupy a lot of space, but it brings infinite convenience and benefits to users. It not only solves the problem of using hot water in winter, but also saves a lot of electricity. It has also made great contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction.

   In order to achieve large-scale production, the flat panel solar energy industry requires that the corresponding systems can also be serialized and standardized like the production of building products. First of all, the scale of solar collectors is standardized, and the production, construction, installation, and acceptance of core components and components of solar collectors can all be produced according to uniform standards. We can truly include solar energy construction and installation in the installation of universal equipment, so that not only can large-scale production be achieved, but also the development of market norms and rationality, and not only can ensure the effectiveness of solar energy application promotion, but also make solar energy popular and achieve effective integration with buildings. We will promote the healthy and orderly development of the solar energy industry.

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