The benefits of solar heating

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The benefits of solar heating

Introduction and composition of solar floor heating system:

Floor heating system heats the floor by circulating hot water in a closed pipe laid under the floor, and supplies heat to the room through radiation conduction and convection conduction through the ground.

The entire ground is a radiator, which is conducted from the bottom to the top by the law of the ground's own heat storage and heat radiation, and evenly heats the room.

Solar floor heating systems consist mainly of solar collectors, hot water storage tanks (double coils), controllers, circulation pumps, expansion tanks, valve fittings and piping.

Advantages of solar floor heating system:

①Solar floor heating system not only saves money but also saves energy and environmental protection. Use solar floor heating can save 25%-40% energy. Solar energy is a renewable energy. The solar heating system converts solar energy into heat, not only does not produce waste, waste water and exhaust gas, but also does not produce noise, let alone Affect the ecological balance, achieve energy saving and environmental protection, without any pollution.

②Solar heating system can be combined with any energy source such as gas, heat pump and electricity to form a hybrid heating system that operates around the clock and reduces the cost of use. This can complement each other and achieve an energy-saving way of heating, preventing In the case of lack of sunlight on cloudy and rainy days, heating is continued.

③Solar floor heating system is a one-time investment, which is lower than the initial investment of central heating and gas, boilers, and electric water heaters. In the same heating situation, the usual operating cost is much lower than that of central heating and gas, boilers, electric water heaters, and local heating and air conditioning. If you compare it with local heating and air conditioning, it may be cheaper. It can provide hot water throughout the year.

④The solar floor heating system is intelligent, easy to use and can provide hot water throughout the year. Solar energy does not have the inflammable, explosive, poisoning and electric shock hazards of conventional energy. It is a relatively reliable and reliable heating system. And the system also uses intelligent control technology, which can be automatically controlled and is convenient to use.

⑤The solar floor heating system can be integrated with the building to make it more beautiful. The solar collector can be installed on the sloping roof or flat roof of the building, it can also be used in high-rise residential buildings, single-family houses, and it can be integrated with the building very well.

If you need to install a solar floor heating system for your house, Sunflower Solar will design a complete solar floor heating system for you according to your actual situation.

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