The benefits of pressureless solar water heaters using solar controllers

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The benefits of pressureless solar water heaters using solar controllers


In general, the purchase of non-pressure water heaters will be combined with solar controllers. The intelligence of solar controllers can bring us many conveniences in the use of solar water heaters, such as water heaters, water temperature, timing and other functions that allow us to It is very convenient to use solar water heaters, and you don't need to worry about it. The solar controller is very intelligent. Slowly you will find that the solar controller is the soul companion of the solar water heater and the best choice.

Let me introduce the benefits of using solar controllers for non-pressure solar water heaters.

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SR501 Solar Controller For Non-Pressure Solar Water Heater

1. SR501 solar controller uses a new water temperature sensor to increase the anti-overflow probe, which can effectively prevent the waste water from being overflowed.

2. SR501 solar controller can display the water temperature of the water level, and the hardware has also been upgraded. The display temperature accuracy is increased by 10 times and can be displayed at 0.1 degrees, so that the heating display temperature is more dynamic and detailed.

3. SR501 solar controller has four water supply types:

a. Timing water supply (set time)

b. Temperature control water supply (set temperature)

c. Water level water supply (set water level)

d. Delay water supply (reaching function delay water supply time)

The use of the controller to select the water supply method does not require manual watering, effectively avoiding the phenomenon that water in the water tank is forgotten to be watered or the water is too full to cause water to overflow, and the effective selection of the water supply method can also avoid The situation of starting water when water is being used.

4. SR501 solar controller has the functions of timed heating and constant temperature heating. Timing heating can increase auxiliary electric heating. The controller can perform automatic temperature control adjustment and time control. It can better use electric heating to avoid electric heating. Prevent dry burning and effective energy saving; constant temperature heating can set the electric heating to start and close according to the temperature of the water temperature of the water tank, which can ensure the water temperature of the water tank is constant.

5. SR501 solar controller water tank high temperature protection function, in order to avoid damage to the water tank caused by overheating of water temperature, when the water tank temperature reaches the high temperature protection starting temperature, it will start the water supply. This can effectively protect the water tank and ensure the life of the water tank.

6. SR501 solar controller has a buzzer fault alarm. When the water temperature water level sensor and temperature sensor are faulty, the fault is reminded and alarmed, and the water heater can be known in time.

7.SR501 solar controller also has a sterilization function, which prevents the proliferation of Legionella in the water tank by timing the auxiliary heating. Effectively prevent the proliferation of bacteria and protect the water is clear in the water tank.


The functions and benefits of solar controllers are very many. If you want to use solar water heaters more conveniently, it is better to use a solar controller. It can effectively avoid many unnecessary troubles and better protect solar water heaters for life. Brought a lot of convenience and convenience.

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