The benefits of flat-panel solar water heaters and purchasing skills

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The benefits of flat-panel solar water heaters and purchasing skills

Benefits of flat panel solar water heater

1. The flat-plate solar collector plate has a chromium-plated or titanium-plated layer of red copper core, high heat absorption rate, low reflectivity, high-efficiency heat conduction medium, all-copper tube closed medium circulation, and coil design, which fully improves the heat exchange efficiency. The unique injection pressure polyurethane foam insulation layer (excluding CFC) of the flat solar water tank is high-density, pollution-free, long-lasting insulation, and the insulation effect is longer. The collector uses advanced insulation materials to prevent heat dissipation as much as possible.

2. The outer shell of the flat solar collector plate is made of marine-grade aluminum alloy sheet to protect the entire system from being corroded by the harsh external weather such as acid rain. The inner tank of the water tank adopts the world's leading ceramic powder sintering process to form Special glaze layer, built-in magnesium anode rod to prevent corrosion. Temperature difference cycle, fully automatic control, in rainy days, through the controller to achieve auxiliary energy to supplement the heat and maintain the water temperature. 24,365 days, hot water is constant.

3. The unique medium circulation technology can provide reliable antifreeze protection for its products even in cold areas prone to frost (-30℃). High thermal efficiency, metal tube-plate structure, maintenance-free and cost-effective. The heat collection area is large, and it is heated in 360 degrees in all directions without wasting a little sunlight. The main part: including heat collector, copper connector, water tank, auxiliary water tank, bracket circulation pipeline, control system, automatic auxiliary heating device, etc.

How to choose and buy flat-plate solar water heaters

1. When we choose solar water heaters, we should pay attention to the level of production technology. Because solar water heaters need to be used frequently, water leakage is prone to occur if the work is not good, so everyone should carefully look at each interface of the solar water heater. Again.

2. When purchasing any solar water heater, we must look at the information in it. This is mainly to see if the solar water heater meets the national standards. We also need to look at the qualifications of the merchants. Because the solar water heater market is chaotic now, we must Notice.

3. We need to understand the output flow of the solar water heater, as well as whether the collector of the solar water heater is normal. In addition, we must check the pipe interface of the solar water heater. At the same time, we must check whether the plate core has undergone a pressure test and leakage before leaving the factory. Check, there is a mark on the lower right corner of the machine.

4. When we buy solar water heaters, we must choose the one that suits us, and don't blindly buy large capacity, which will cost a lot of money. Let me tell you a piece of knowledge. Everyone needs 40 kilograms of hot water to take a bath at a time. Each vacuum tube can heat about 6 kilograms of water, so you know how big a water heater you buy.

5. There are many details to pay attention to solar water heaters, especially people living in the north should consider the issue of anti-freezing, so when purchasing, ask about the anti-freezing function, and people living in the south should consider whether the product can be used all-weather, because the south Many people are used to taking a shower every day.

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