Solar hot water heating system for floor of the working principle and characteristics

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Solar hot water heating system for floor of the working principle and characteristics

Solar energy is a very ideal and environmentally friendly energy source. It has many functions. In terms of heating, the solar home heating system is a very good device that can solve the heating problem of the family. However, many people are not very familiar with solar home heating systems. So briefly introduce some product components, principles and functions of solar home heating system, and help better choose and use solar home heating system, so that every home has better heating effect.

1. Composition and working principle of solar heating system:

Solar home heating systems usually consist of solar collectors, hot water storage tanks (double coils), controllers, circulating pumps, expansion tanks, valve fittings and pipelines, and can also be used in conjunction with auxiliary energy sources.


The solar home heating system converts solar energy into heat energy, collects the heat of sunlight through high-efficiency solar collectors, and then introduces the heat into the heat exchange center through the heat conduction circulation system, and then introduces hot water into the floor heating system.

The floor heating system uses the circulating hot water in the closed pipeline laid under the floor to heat the floor, and heats the room through the ground through the conduction of radiation and convection.

The entire ground is a radiator, which uses the ground’s own heat storage and the law of upward radiation to conduct conduction from bottom to top, and evenly heat the room.

In rainy and snowy days, the system will automatically switch to auxiliary heating with gas boilers, so that solar home heating can be perfectly realized, and a large amount of free hot water can be used in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

2. Features of solar heating system:

①Environmental protection.

The heating system uses clean and green energy solar energy to avoid environmental pollution caused by fossil fuels and provide users with a clean and comfortable living space.

②High efficiency and energy saving.

The solar home heating system can maximize the use of solar energy, and the use of solar floor heating can save energy by 25%-40% and greatly reduce operating costs. It also provides free hot water throughout the year.

③Safe and reliable.

Solar home heating does not cause the risk of CO poisoning in traditional coal-fired heating stoves. It is a safe and reliable hot water system.

④Integration with building.

Solar collectors can be installed on high-rise balconies, roofs and other sunny walls, and can be applied to high-rise and multi-storey houses and independent villas to better integrate with buildings.

⑤The solar heating system can be combined with any energy sources such as gas, heat pump, electricity, etc. to form a hybrid heating system, which runs around the clock and reduces the cost of use.

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