Solar Water Heater Works In Winter

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Solar Water Heater Works In Winter

The first question that arises is, will solar water heaters work in the winter? The answer is yes. Solar water heaters work well in the winter because of the efficient insulation, which means that radiator fluid technology is used for solar water heaters when the temperature is still low in the winter. Performance varies, however, depending on how much solar energy is on site and the temperature of the water entering the system.

In a winter without sunlight, even for a day or two, you can still get warm water because the water is heated due to diffuse radiation in the atmosphere. For this reason, a solar hot water system should be connected to an electric geyser in the house or provide a backup power source in the storage tank of the system that should need to be turned on when the water is not hot enough. Thus, you will always have hot water even in extremely cold weather.

The concern now is how does a solar water heater work even in winter? In a solar water heater system, the liquid catalyst or radiator fluid is heated by the energy of the sun and is later pumped into a heat exchange tank. The heat exchange tank serves to exchange the heat of the liquid with the water and warms the water in the storage tank. And, it is important to remember that the radiator fluid should be checked before the start of winter to ensure that the water is heated properly.

In the winter, a solar evacuation tube system can keep hot water delivered and save you money. For example, a solar water heater system can continue to pump out 80°C water when the average winter temperature is about -15°C. Constant sunlight and no cooling periods at night can also allow solar water heater systems to reach almost maximum efficiency.

Another question is, will it affect the solar water heater even if the temperature outside is very cold in the winter? No, it won't affect it because, with good insulation, the winter sun is able to heat the water in the solar water heater very well. The hot water tank is caused by the sun's radiant energy, which passes through the glass and heats the casing even when the outside temperature is below the low temperature - providing good insulation ensures very little heat loss. However, dim winter sunlight can reduce the heating capacity of most solar water heaters.

Solar water heater systems work well in cold temperatures? There are two key features, such as the vacuum space between the layers of glass in the solar evacuation tube and the absorber coating, that make the system effective at low temperatures. The vacuum between the layers of glasswork prevents the transfer of heat, while the solar water heater protects the inside of the tube from ambient temperatures and allows light to still pass through the glass. Thereafter, no matter how cold it is outside, the metal plates of the tubes are heated with the full force of the sun, and once captured, then the heat is difficult to escape. Thus, almost all the heat of the system can be conducted directly into the water.

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