How to save floor heating costs in winter - choose solar floor heating system

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How to save floor heating costs in winter - choose solar floor heating system

With the continuous advancement of technology, the type of floor heating is gradually increasing, and now more people are paying attention to the solar floor heating system. The solar floor heating system is heated by solar energy, which is more energy-efficient and convenient to use, and the failure rate is also lower, and there will be no water leakage.

The solar floor heating system is a low-temperature hot water ground radiant heating system, and its structure is mainly composed of solar collectors, a floor heating temperature control system, a hot water storage tank, a water supply tank, a circulation pump and the like. During operation, the solar collector directly heats the water and stores it in the hot water storage tank for use in the floor heating and cooling system. At night, the hot water in the hot water storage tank continuously heats the building through the floor heating and cooling system. Since the law of ground heat radiation is conducted from bottom to top, thereby increasing the indoor temperature and giving a comfortable body temperature, the whole heating has the characteristics of no environmental pollution, no noise and convenient control, and is an inevitable trend of modern social development.

Temperature difference control heat collection cycle: There is a collector temperature detector and a water temperature sensor in the solar floor heating system. After the heat collecting system absorbs solar radiation, the temperature of the heat collecting tube rises, when the temperature of the collector and the water temperature of the water tank are Δt set value When the detection system issues a command, the circulation pump inputs the cold water in the central water heater into the collector, and the water is heated and then returned to the water tank to bring the water in the water tank to the set temperature. Repeatedly, the heat source can be obtained for a long time.

Floor heating pipe circulation system: There is a hot water circulation pump in the floor heating pipe. When the temperature of the water reaches the artificially set temperature, the hot water circulation pump is automatically started, so that the water temperature is circulated in the underground coil through the solar floor heating. This will achieve the effect of increasing the temperature in the room.

The advantages of solar energy floor heating:

1. Saving space and conducive to space layout, because floor heating is laying space below the floor, does not occupy the space above the ground, is more conducive to space layout;

2. Comfortable and healthy: floor heating to heat heating The airflow is transmitted from the bottom to the top. The thermal gradient will make people feel warm and cool, conform to the theory of Chinese medicine health, and it is not easy to cause turbid air convection and environmental sanitation;

3. High efficiency, energy saving, floor heating, radiation heating, bottom-up The temperature is concentrated in the height of the human body, and it can be layered, controlled by households, and energy efficient.

4. Good thermal stability: the ground heating floor and concrete have large heat storage, good thermal stability, intermittent heating, indoor temperature. Slow change;

5. Long service life: Because the floor heating radiation is below the ground, it can be said to be a vacuum state, isolated from the outside, no damage, no corrosion, long service life, basic and building life; 6, low operating costs: Compared with other heating methods, it can fully utilize the electricity price policy and the ground heat storage function.

The above is a brief introduction about the price of solar heating system and the advantages of solar heating system. I hope that after reading it will help you to purchase and understand the solar heating system. The solar floor heating system is now a more popular system, which can give people a more comfortable experience, while the solar floor heating system is more energy efficient. If you need a floor heating system, the solar floor heating system is a good choice.

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