How to maintain the solar collector?

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How to maintain the solar collector?

Solar collector is a device that converts the radiant energy of the sun into heat. Because solar energy is relatively scattered, it is necessary to find a way to concentrate it, so the collector is a key part of various solar energy devices.

Frequently questions about solar collector

1. Ensuring that there is a medium inside the solar collector to avoid the sun during the operation of the system, and avoiding the sultry heat and dryness in the air are important links in the operation of the solar collector system, especially the vacuum tube collector system, to ensure the medium The operation is necessary. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the flow of the medium in the collector to avoid waste of heat.

2. Overheating

If the water temperature in the hot water storage tank of the solar collector is too high, the solar radiation energy is too strong during use, which can cover part of the solar collector, block solar radiation and reduce the heat production capacity.

3. Antifreeze problem in low temperature environment

For solar collector systems that use antifreeze media, check whether the antifreeze media is qualified before the freezing period to ensure that the hot water system can operate stably in a low temperature environment.

For systems that do not use antifreeze media, measures such as forced circulation and partial tropics can be used to prevent freezing, and solar collector systems that are not used in winter need to be emptied.

4. Cleaning and descaling of solar collectors

The glass part of the evacuated tube solar collector should be checked, cleaned and cleaned regularly. During operation, scale is prone to form inside the collector, which interferes with the heat radiation absorption of the collector system, reduces the conversion efficiency, and affects the use of the hot water system. Therefore, descaling should be carried out regularly.

Maintenance of the heat storage part of the solar collector:

1. Regularly check the hot water tank of the solar collector, and repair it in time if it is damaged.

2. Regularly check whether the valves, controllers and emptying devices of the solar collector water storage tank can be used normally.

3. Regularly check the storage tank of the solar collector to prevent foreign matter from entering and blocking the circulation pipeline.

4. Regularly remove the scale in the solar water tank. Especially in areas with hard water quality, special attention should be paid to scale.

Maintenance of the piping system of solar collectors:

1. Make sure that the insulation layer and surface moisture-proof layer of the solar collector pipe are not damaged or replaced.

2. Make sure that there is no air in the pipes of the solar collector to prevent the hot water from being blocked by the air and cannot be delivered to the various water distribution points.

3. Keep the pipes of the solar collector system unblocked and clean them regularly to prevent the pipes from being blocked by deposited rust.

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