How to Design a Solar Heating System For Your Pool

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Today, more and more people choose to use solar energy in their lives. In addition to providing the most basic domestic water, I also hope to use the swimming pool in my house. Through the solar heating system, while protecting the family's domestic water, it can also heat the swimming pool and prolong the use time of the swimming pool. This article adopts the design scheme of solar heating swimming pool system for your reference.


一,The basic situation

Gary from Dubai plans to install a solar heating system in a long-used pool in his home. Although the local weather is hot, the swimming pool always needs to reach a temperature suitable for the human body before it can be used. His swimming pool is 5m * 12m, and there is no specific requirement on the use time. But there are six people in Gary's home, hoping to provide his family with enough domestic hot water while heating the swimming pool.


二,How to design a complete solar heating home swimming pool solution?

1. Combined with the meteorological data of Dubai as the design basis:

 How to Design a Solar Heating System For Your Pool-1

The climate is hot and sunny in Dubai. The pool area of Gary is 5m * 12m. According to the weather data of Dubai and the thermal efficiency of the solar collector, 4 sets of SFB305818 heat pipe solar collectors are required.

In addition to heating the pool, consider the need for Gary and his family to use hot water throughout the year. According to the daily requirement of 60L and 60 ℃ hot water for each person, we have designed a set of 300L domestic solar heating swimming pool and a solution for domestic water for Gary.


2. The system operation diagram is as follows:

How to Design a Solar Heating System For Your Pool-2

This is a pressure type solar heating system, which is not limited by the installation height. Whether it is installed high or low, it will bring Gary and his family comfortable and hot water. At any time, the solar collector will preferentially heat the water tank through the coil at the bottom of the water tank. When the water tank reaches the set temperature (such as 60 ° C), the circulating pump R4 turns to the heat exchanger, and the hot water circulates through the heat exchanger to start heating the swimming pool .

This system not only provides Gary with the heat needed to use the swimming pool, but also provides him and his family with domestic water throughout the year.


三,The problems encountered

1. Q: The Garys go out for a period of vacation every year. So in the hot and dry summer, if the solar collector is not used for a period of time, will it overheat?

Answer: Don't worry if you encounter such problems. In solar heating systems, we have taken effective measures to avoid the possible effects of overheating and protect the system from damage.

① In the solar heating system we have configured, the controller has a high temperature protection function. When the temperature of the water tank reaches a set value (the default setting is 60 ° C, you can also set this temperature yourself), the circulation pump immediately stops working and the solar heat is collected The heater stops heating the water tank.

② We usually recommend to equip the water tank with a P / T valve. When the pressure of the water tank reaches 6 bar (or the temperature reaches 95 ° C), the P / T valve will automatically open to drain water, reducing the temperature and pressure of the water tank. Avoid excessive heat pressure in the water tank to damage the water tank and affect the service life.

③ We will configure an expansion tank in the solar heating system, which can effectively adjust the pressure in the circulation pipeline.

④ The solar heat collector uses a heat pipe. The temperature of the heat pipe in the air can reach 222 ° C. So when the circulation pump stops working, there is no need to worry about the solar collector being damaged.


2. Q: Is there any solution?

Answer: In addition to the effective measures we have taken in product design in the first question, there are two solutions for you to choose to make your system more secure.

① The solar controller has a high-temperature bypass function to dissipate excess heat through the radiator. You need to increase the cost of the three-way solenoid valve and radiator, as well as the cost of electricity used to run the pump.

② Cover the solar heat collector with cloth in the season when overheating occurs.


This solar heating swimming pool solution needs to be designed and configured according to the actual situation, which is suitable for families who need to heat the domestic pool and provide domestic hot water. Its biggest advantage is that while ensuring daily water use, it can also use the idle swimming pool, bringing a lot of fun to family life. At present, this system has been installed and used, and the operation is stable, which fully meets Gary's expectations. If you are interested, you can contact us. You can also find more solar water heating solutions here:

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