How does the solar water heater work in rainy days?

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How does the solar water heater work in rainy days?

Solar water heaters use the heat of the sun to heat water to meet people's needs for hot water for showers and kitchens. Usually people will install it on the roof or where there is no shelter, absorb the strong sunlight to the greatest extent to heat the water in the water tank, and store it in the insulated water tank so that people can use it when needed.

Solar water heaters mainly rely on solar energy to achieve hot water, and the hot water obtained is proportional to the intensity of sunlight. The stronger the sunlight, the faster the water is heated. When it is overcast and rainy, the heating of water becomes negligible due to the influence of the weather. The common auxiliary electric heating, will play a role.


When purchasing solar water heaters, the local climate factors should be considered, such as confirming and adding electric heating as auxiliary heating. When the heat is insufficient, the electric heating is turned on, and the use of hot water is not affected.

In most areas, the rainy season accounts for a small part of the year. People still need to rely on solar energy as the main heating method. Not only is the cost low, solar collectors convert solar energy into heat energy to the greatest extent, so that the sun’s thermal energy can be used to the greatest extent possible. .

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