How does flat plate solar collector work?

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How does flat plate solar collector work?

Flat plate solar collector is a device that absorbs solar radiation energy and transfers heat to the working medium. After adding the circulating pipe and the insulated water tank, the water temperature is raised.


The sunlight is irradiated onto the surface of the heat absorbing body with coating layer through a transparent cover plate, and most of the solar radiation energy is absorbed by the absorber, converted into heat energy, and transmitted to the working fluid in the runner. Thus , the cold working fluid from the bottom of the collector is heated by the solar energy in the runner, and the temperature is gradually increased, and the heated working fluid is discharged from the upper side of the collector into the storage tank. At the same time, due to the increase in temperature of the heat absorbing body, heat is dissipated to the environment through the transparent cover and the outer case, thereby creating various heat losses of the flat solar collector.

And flat panel solar collector is the basic component of solar low temperature heat utilization. Flat plate solar collectors have been widely used in many fields such as domestic hot water, swimming pool heating, industrial hot water, floor heating.

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