Features of Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner

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Features of Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner


As the world gradually calls for energy saving and environmental protection, more and more people use solar energy products, and solar air conditioners are gradually being used and popularized. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also can save energy and reduce electricity bills. However, there are still many people who do not understand the characteristics of solar air conditioners, and it is difficult to distinguish and compare with traditional air conditioners to make choices. Let us introduce the characteristics of thermal hybrid solar air conditioners in solar air conditioners:

【Main body】:

The working principle of Thermal hybrid solar air conditioner:

Wall Mounted Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner converting light energy into heat with efficient solar collectors, and store the heat in the insulated water tank.When the air conditioner is running, the power consumption can be reduced.

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Features of Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner:

1. Thermal hybrid solar air conditioner must have a commercial power supply to work normally. It is driven by electricity and uses solar energy as auxiliary power.

2. Energy saving EER> 3.72. Compared with traditional air conditioners, solar air conditioners can save 30%-50% of electricity.

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3.Hot water inside collector helps to reduce the consumption on compressor.

4.AC adopts high efficiency heat-exchange system.

5. Reliable and durable, we use famous brand compressors and high-quality vacuum tubes.

6. Extremely strong environmental adaptability, can operate at ultra high temperature or low temperature.

7. The structure is simple, easy to install and maintain, no additional installation space is needed, and the installation cost is low.

8. On the basis of traditional air-conditioning technology, solar air-conditioning uses environmentally-friendly media for cooling and heating, and combines the absorption work system with the compression system to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection.

9. The use of vacuum tube solar collectors has the characteristics of good absorption performance and low reflectivity.

10. Compared with other types of energy-saving air-conditioning equipment, it has mature technology, stable performance, low input cost and high cost performance.

11. Integrate with architecture. The solar air conditioner can be combined with the building to make the building beautiful, novel and unique, but does not affect the normal use of the solar air conditioner.

12. Data comparison between ordinary air conditioners and hybrid solar air conditioners:

Wall Mounted Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner-p1.6Wall Mounted Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner-p1.6-2


Thermal hybrid solar air conditioners can not only save energy and environmental protection, but also save electricity bills. I think this is a problem that most families will consider.

Only by understanding the characteristics of the Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner can you know what kind of air conditioner is most suitable for you, so that you can make the best choice according to your specific actual situation.

If you want to learn more about hybrid solar air conditioners, please refer to the following link:

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