Design and consideration of hotel solar water heating system

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Design and consideration of hotel solar water heating system


  For hotels, the supply of hot water 24 hours a day is the basic requirement of most hotels for hot water supply. In order to reduce the cost and expense of bathing hot water, hotels have installed solar hot water systems, which not only solves the environmental protection problem, It also reduces the running cost of bathing hot water, and has received very good results. Therefore, the design of the hotel's solar hot water system is mainly how to achieve this basic requirement, and consider factors such as reliability, reasonableness, convenience, and safety of the system.


1. Design ideas of hotel solar hot water system

  The advantage of solar energy is that it is environmentally friendly and can be used free of charge. However, due to changes in seasons and weather, the amount of solar radiation has also changed significantly. Therefore, it is unrealistic to rely solely on solar energy to supply hot water 24 hours a day. The usual approach is to use the combination of solar energy and standby energy to supply hot water. The hot water produced by solar energy is used first. When the solar energy is insufficient, the controller will activate the standby energy for auxiliary heating. This design scheme not only utilizes the solar energy, but also realizes the requirement of the hotel to take a bath and hot water 24 hours a day.

2. Main issues to be considered in system design

①The rationality, advancement and reliability of the operation mode of the solar hot water system. For the solar hot water system used in hotels, it should generally be designed as a combination of DC constant temperature and temperature difference circulation. When the water level of the hot water storage tank is not full, the system adopts DC constant temperature operation; when the hot water storage tank reaches full water level , The system automatically transfers to the temperature difference cycle, and stores the heat energy obtained by the solar collector by increasing the temperature of the hot water in the hot water storage tank.

② Prioritize the use of solar energy. When the solar energy is insufficient, use auxiliary energy to supplement the heating water. The amount of hot water used in the hotel changes with the number of people using hot water. How to make full use of the hot water produced by solar energy and timely supplement the shortage of hot water caused by insufficient solar hot water is a design that should be paid special attention to. problem. Excessive use of auxiliary energy to produce hot water will result in an increase in the cost of hot water and waste of solar hot water production. If the auxiliary energy is not supplemented in time, it will cause a shortage of hot water, making it impossible to supply hot water 24 hours a day.

③The choice of auxiliary energy. In theory, any kind of energy can be used as an auxiliary energy source for solar energy. However, because solar energy has the shortcoming of uncertainty, reliable and readily available energy sources should be selected as auxiliary energy sources for solar energy. At present, the commonly used auxiliary energy forms of solar energy mainly include gas, electric heating, and heating heat exchange. Both gas and electric heating have the advantages of being reliable and readily available.

④ The control system is fully automated, intelligent, advanced and reliable. In addition to the above-mentioned constant temperature control, temperature difference cycle control, and auxiliary heating intelligent control, the control of the solar hot water system also needs to consider antifreeze control, remote monitoring, etc. At present, the solar controller has realized the automation and intelligence of the solar control system, which brings great convenience and possibility, and improves the reliability of the control system.

⑤ Coordination and convenience of solar energy system and buildings. Regarding the placement and placement of solar collectors and hot water storage tanks, in addition to considering whether it is beneficial to solar lighting, system circulation, pipeline layout, daily maintenance, etc., it should also be considered whether it is compatible with the building. The style is coordinated. The solar hot water system should at least not destroy the overall style of the building.

⑥Economy of engineering system. Different types of solar collectors have different characteristics, and each has its own scope of adaptation. Therefore, it should be selected according to its characteristics. Not the most expensive is the best. The key depends on its purpose.



  In general, there are many design factors for the solar heating hotel system project, coupled with the uneven seasonal distribution of sunlight. The specific configuration plan product details need to be calculated and provided according to the number of users and the situation of the hotel to avoid unnecessary waste.

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