Daily management and maintenance of solar water heaters

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Daily management and maintenance of solar water heaters

The correct use of solar water heaters:

To use solar water heaters correctly, the following aspects should be done:

1. Fill up with water before using. During the service life of the water heater, it must be filled with water to avoid drying the solar water heater. Because the internal temperature of the water heater can reach a high temperature of 80℃-250℃ when the water heater is dry, which seriously affects the service life of the solar water heater.

2. Check the exhaust holes. Before using the solar water heater, check whether the top part of the circulation pipe of the hot water device is equipped with an exhaust hole.

3. Pay attention to adjusting the water temperature. After the solar water heater is irradiated by the sun, the hot water inside the water tank has temperature stratification, that is, the bottom water temperature is low, and the top water temperature is high. Therefore, it should be adjusted accordingly when using it.

4. Check the pipeline to ensure the smooth operation of the pipeline. There are generally three reasons for the good sunshine and low water temperature: one is that the upper and lower circulation pipes are connected incorrectly and cannot circulate; the second is that the circulation pipe is blocked; the third is that the circulation pipe has a reverse slope, causing air blockage in the pipe and abnormal circulation. To confirm whether the solar water heater is operating normally, touch the cover of the solar collector with your hand. If the cover is too hot, it means that the operation is not normal.

5. Maintenance of hot water pipes. The maintenance of hot water pipes should be carried out from the following aspects:

A. Clean the dust and dirt on the transparent cover of the solar collector regularly.

B. Perform system drainage on a regular basis. Generally, for 2-3 years, the pipe needs to be unloaded to remove the deposited dirt from the lower part to prevent pipeline blockage.

C. Check whether the connection points and other parts of each pipeline are in good condition, and repair the leakage and damage in time.

D. Check valves and auxiliary heat source devices frequently.

E. If it is a seasonal solar water heater, all the water in the system should be drained before winter.

Precautions for the use of solar water heaters:

Precautions for the use of solar water heaters include the following aspects:

1. It is strictly forbidden to operate electrical parts with wet hands, cut off the electric heating auxiliary system and antifreeze tape before taking a bath, and it is strictly forbidden to use the leakage protection plug as a switch, and frequent activation of electrical parts is strictly prohibited.

2. When hot water is found in the cold water pipeline, report for repair in time to prevent the cold water pipeline from being scalded by the return of hot water.

3. When the indoor temperature is lower than 0°C, the water in the pipeline should be emptied and the drain valve should be kept open to prevent frost damage to the pipeline and indoor copper fittings.

4. It is strictly forbidden to use solar water heaters during thunderstorms and strong winds. The water in the water tank should be filled to increase its own weight, and the control system should be partially cut off.

5. For the health of users, it is best not to drink the water in the solar water heater, because the water in the heat collector cannot be completely released, which is easy to breed bacteria, which is harmful to health.

6. It is strictly forbidden to block the exhaust port, and it is strictly forbidden to install or modify any device without permission to avoid damage to the water tank due to poor exhaust.

7. If there is a problem with the solar water heater, you should contact the solar water heater manufacturer in time, and do not modify it privately or ask a non-professional for repair.

8. It is strictly prohibited to use sprinklers to directly put hot water above 60°C.

9. Children and the elderly need to be accompanied by someone in the bath to prevent burns.

10. It is strictly forbidden to spray water on the electrical parts when taking a bath, especially when using a bath heater.

11. If the weather is bad, you should start the electric heating auxiliary system in advance when you want to take a bath.

12. When the water mixing valve is not in use, turn the handle to the cold water end or the hot water end to prevent water from channeling through the water mixing valve.

13. When starting the heat-assisted system, it must be confirmed that there is more than two water levels in the water tank. If there is no meter, it must be heated after confirming that the water is full.

14. In order to prevent the water from being heated and swelled by the sunlight during the day and dripping out of the overflow pipe, you can put a part of the water out of the shower nozzle or other water use place after filling with the water. This can prevent freezing and blocking the exhaust port in winter. .

15. Pay attention to the weather forecast. If the sun is not strong, you can add 1/3 or 2/3 of the water according to actual needs.

16. When the antifreeze belt cannot be used due to power failure, the water valve is slightly opened to drip water, which can achieve a certain antifreeze effect.

Maintenance of solar water heater

For solar water heaters to operate normally, they must be properly maintained. The main maintenance methods are as follows:

1. Frequently remove dust and keep the transparent cover clean and transparent.

2. Pay attention to protect the integrity of the transparent cover. In areas prone to hail, attention should be paid to atmospheric changes and anti-hail measures should be taken in time.

3. The absorption coating of the heat absorbing plate has a great influence on the efficiency of the collector. If it falls off, it should be repaired in time.

4. The box body of the solar collector is best painted with protective paint every 1-2 years to prevent the wood from decay or the iron plate to rust.

5. Ensure good sealing of the solar collector shell to prevent rain or dust from entering the collector.

6. Iron heat-absorbing plates, water tanks and pipes need to be flushed regularly to prevent deposits of rust from clogging the pipes.

7. Replenish water in time to prevent boring sun. For flat-panel solar water heaters, if the temperature of the heat-absorbing plate is too high in the sun-dried state, it is easy to damage the heat-absorbing coating, glass, sealing material and protective layer. For the vacuum-tube solar water heater, the temperature of the vacuum tube wall is too high during the sun-dried condition. The cold will burst.

8. In winter, when the solar water heater system cannot be used normally, the water is drained to prevent freezing and cracking. It is best to cover the collector with some opaque material to avoid empty exposure.

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