Congestion In Ports On Both Sides Of The Pacific Ocean

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Congestion In Ports On Both Sides Of The Pacific Ocean

Entering the traditional shipping season, the ports on the west coast of the United States are heavily congested.

Congestion centers are located near Los Angeles and Long Beach Port, and the Port of Oakland has also begun to show congestion.

Maersk Shipping, the world's leading container shipping company, recently warned that the average waiting time for ships in Los Angeles and Long Beach is one to two weeks. The situation at the Port of Oakland is even worse. The waiting time has now been extended to about three weeks.

As ships cannot return to Asian ports in time for loading, the capacity of US ports has decreased, while US import demand is still soaring, which puts the already tight container shipping market under greater pressure.

Maersk said that since the beginning of this year, the capacity from Asia to the US West has lost 20%; it is expected that from June to the end of August, the capacity will also lose 13%.

Due to the congestion at the ports on the west coast of the United States, the container transportation supply chain in southern China was already operating at full speed. At this time, congestion and delays have a significant impact on the global supply chain.

The chain reaction after a container ship blocked the Suez Canal in March has also accelerated the formation of the current situation.

At present, the container freight rate has hit a record high, and the container freight from China to Europe is expected to continue to rise.

Due to lack of containers and increased export demand, delivery delays have caused China's domestic shipping prices to soar.

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