Common problems of Photothermal hybrid solar air conditioner

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Common problems of Photothermal hybrid solar air conditioner


With the development and popularization of solar energy, people's awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased. Nowadays, more and more people will give priority to solar air conditioners when choosing air conditioners. Hybrid solar air conditioners are definitely the first choice for economical benefits. It can not only save energy and money, but also environmental protection. However, there are also many people who encounter many problems when choosing Photothermal hybrid solar air conditioners. Here are the answers to some common questions:

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1. What is the difference between hybrid solar air conditioner and ordinary air conditioner?

There is not much difference between installation and use.

It mainly has an extra heat collector on the outside machine than the ordinary air conditioner. The water in the water tank on the collector is heated by the vacuum tube to collect sunlight, hot water helps to reduce the consumption on compressor, and thus has the effect of energy saving.

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2. How much energy can the hybrid solar air conditioner save?

Cooling can save 30% energy;Heating can save 50% energy.


3. Can solar air conditioners be used in the event of a power cut?

No, this is a hybrid solar air conditioner. There must be a commercial power supply for the air conditioner to work properly. Solar energy plays a role in energy conservation.


4.Can solar energy air conditioners save energy at night?

Yes, as long as there is stored hot water in the solar collector, it can save energy.


5.Is there a limit to the installation distance between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit?

Yes, in general, we do not recommend installation distances greater than 3.5 meters. When the distance is greater than 3.5m, the transportation refrigerant needs to consume more electric energy, and the energy saving effect is reduced.


6.Which refrigerant is used?

R410a, environmentally friendly refrigerant.

7.Can we just buy your solar collectors and install them on our regular air conditioners to achieve energy savings?

No, there are two main reasons.

The ratio of capillary heatsinks we use is optimized according to the operating characteristics and technical parameters of solar air conditioners to achieve optimal operation.

The external unit of solar air conditioner has 4 connections, while the ordinary air conditioner has only 2 connections, and you cannot complete the installation.

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8. Is solar air conditioning easy to install?

It's very easy, you can complete the installation of solar air conditioners as long as you have the installation technology of ordinary air conditioners. Simply put, you add solar collectors to the installation of ordinary air conditioners, and the installation of solar collectors is very easy to complete, you can quickly complete the installation by referring to our installation instructions.


9.Is there a difference between the method of adding refrigerant and vacuuming in solar air conditioners and ordinary air conditioners?

No difference.


10.Is there any difference in energy saving effects between flat collectors and tubular collectors?

There is no significant difference. However, for single-cooled solar air conditioners, we recommend the use of tubular collectors, which have larger tank volumes and better energy savings.

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The above are the questions that many people often encounter when buying hybrid solar air conditioners. If you have these doubts, please refer to the answers above, which can help you have a deeper understanding of hybrid solar air conditioners so that you can quickly Purchase a hybrid solar air conditioner that suits you and save money for your family.

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