Case analysis of solar heating system for swimming pool

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Case analysis of solar heating system for swimming pool


With the development and popularization of solar energy systems, more and more families use solar energy to heat swimming pools. Using solar energy to heat swimming pools can not only reduce energy costs, but also save energy and protect the environment. Therefore, more and more people need to calculate and configure a suitable solar-heated swimming pool system according to their own usage and pool area.

   The following is a design case of a home solar heating swimming pool for reference.

【Main body】:

  1. Basic requirements:

   Sam from Zambia, has an 8m×4m×1.5m swimming pool at home, asks to use the swimming pool in the afternoon or evening, and needs to equip the swimming pool with solar heating swimming pool system.

2. Design ideas:

Since Sam is located in Zambia, the climate is better.

According to the climate of Zambia and the area of the swimming pool is 8*4m, in fact, if the depth of the swimming pool is 1.2m, it is possible to configure 2 sets of SFB305818 solar collector.

However, since the swimming pool in Sam's home is 1.5m deep, 3 sets of SFB305818 solar collector are required, otherwise the heat will be insufficient.

And equipped with suitable heat exchangers, circulating pumps and other accessories.

3. Design Features:

SFBP Solar Heating For Swimming Pool&Spa-p4.2.2

This is a closed pressurized circulation system. This system is operated by solar collectors directly heating the swimming pool through heat exchangers.

Advantages: save energy, meet the needs of heating the swimming pool, heat the swimming pool directly by circulating heat through the heat exchanger. It can be guaranteed that Sam can use the swimming pool in the afternoon or evening.

4. Sam likes the design of this solar-heated swimming pool system, which is in line with his swimming pool and usage conditions, and the number of collectors is reasonable to avoid the design area of solar collectors being too large or too small, resulting in high investment costs , The effective utilization rate of solar energy is low, or the standby energy consumption is large, the effect of energy saving and cost reduction is not obvious.

However, Sam has some doubts about this system:

① Will the heated water in the pipe flow into the swimming pool?

No, the inside of the tube heat exchanger is independent. The water in the pipe and the water in the swimming pool are not related to each other. The water in the circulating pipe and the water in the swimming pool only exchange heat and never mix.


②What should I do when the pump fails? Will solar collectors overheat? What happens if the temperature is too high?

When the pump is not working, the air temperature of the heat pipe reaches 222℃, which will not affect the collector.

The solar controller has a high temperature protection function, and the system has taken this situation into consideration when designing the product, and effective protection measures are taken. Avoid the possible influence of overheating and protect the solar system from damage.

Even if the circulating pump or the controller stops working, the heat exchange stops. The solar collector will not be damaged, you don't have to worry about the solar collector being damaged.


③Can I provide domestic hot water for my family at the same time? Maybe you need to bathe after swimming. What needs to be added?

This is possible. We can provide a system that provides domestic hot water and heats the swimming pool. This requires adding water tanks and collectors. I need to calculate based on the number of people who need hot water.This system will have higher solar energy utilization.


  This solar heating swimming pool system solution is suitable for most home swimming pools that require the use of swimming pools in the afternoon or evening, but it still needs to be designed according to the actual situation. There are many design factors for solar-heated swimming pool projects, and the seasonal distribution of sunlight is uneven. The specific configuration plan and product details need to be calculated and provided according to the actual size of the swimming pool to avoid unnecessary waste.

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