Case Analysis Of Solar Heating System For Swimming Pool

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Case Analysis Of Solar Heating System For Swimming Pool


Usually when designing a domestic solar heating system for swimming pool, 1st Sunflower will configure a complete solar hot water system according to the actual usage of the customer. Not only can it heat the swimming pool, but it also allows the whole family to use enough hot water throughout the year. We will analyze the details of the solar heating swimming pool system through actual cases.



Actual case

Peter is from South Africa. South Africa is located in the tropics, with good sunshine conditions and high temperatures throughout the year. His newly built house has a swimming pool about 9m long and 4m wide. He wants to install a complete solar heating system that can not only heat his swimming pool, but also provide domestic water for his family. Both can be considered. Then we will design a complete household solar heating system based on Peter's actual situation.


Design elements

1. Calculate the area of the solar collector according to the volume of the swimming pool

2. Determine the size of the water tank according to the number of family members who use hot water

3. Time to use the swimming pool


The design process

1. The swimming pool area is 9m*4m. Combining the climate of South Africa and the thermal efficiency of solar collectors, 2 sets of SFB305818 solar collectors are needed.

2. 5 family members, equipped with a 300L solar water tank to supply domestic hot water according to 40-60L of hot water per day each person. And a SFB305818 solar collector can be added to ensure sufficient heat.

3. Due to the hot climate in South Africa, the swimming pool is used throughout the year.

4. The complete system operation diagram is as follows:

SFBP Solar Heating For Swimming Pool&Spa-p4.3.2


The design features of solar heating system

1. This is a pressurized solar heating system, which is not limited by the installation height. Whether tank is installed on the roof or on the flat ground, it will bring Peter and his family comfortable and pressurized hot water.

2. Intelligent control. In the system,the solar collector heats the water tank first, and then starts to heat the swimming pool when the temperature of the water tank reaches the set value. Ensure the domestic hot water supply throughout the year.

When the temperature T1 of the solar collector and the temperature T2 of the hot water storage tank are greater than the temperature difference set by the controller (8K), the solar circulating pump R1 is automatically turned on, and the solar collector starts to circulate and heat the water tank. When the temperature difference between T1 and T2 is less than the set temperature difference (4K), the circulating pump R1 stops running.

When the temperature of the water tank reaches the set temperature (for example, 60°C), the valve R4 turns to the heat exchanger, and at the same time R2 starts to run, and the solar collector starts to heat the swimming pool. When the temperature difference between the solar collector temperature T1 and the swimming pool temperature T4 is less than the set temperature difference (4K), the circulating pumps R1 and R2 stop working at the same time, and R4 turns to the water tank.


This solar heating system for swimming pool solution needs to be designed and configured according to actual conditions, and is suitable for heating swimming pools and households that provide domestic hot water. The biggest advantage is to meet the needs of heating swimming pools while ensuring water for daily life. You can also find more solar water heating solutions here:

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