Can solar water heaters be used normally in winter?

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Can solar water heaters be used normally in winter?

Can solar water heaters be used normally in winter?

The types of water heaters we are familiar with include solar water heaters, gas water heaters and Shen water heaters. Generally, some families that consider safety and environmental protection will prefer to use solar water heaters. But some people have to say, can solar water heaters only be used in summer and not in winter? Because the temperature in winter is relatively low, solar water heaters should not be able to produce enough hot water. If you are also troubled by this aspect, just read on and see how the editor explained it.

1. Can solar water heaters be used normally in winter?

Solar water heaters can be used normally in winter, because the working requirements of solar water heaters are not determined according to the outside temperature, but according to the intensity of the outside ultraviolet rays. Therefore, whether it is in winter or summer, whether it is sunny or cloudy, as long as the outdoor ultraviolet intensity reaches a certain value, the solar water heater can produce hot water normally.

2. Some points of attention when using solar water heaters in winter

1. Once the winter comes, most of the solar water heaters are exposed to the outside air. As the outside temperature changes, some pipes of the solar water heater will also undergo thermal expansion and contraction reactions. When the temperature is very low in winter, some pipes will crack. Therefore, before using the solar water heater in winter, you must carefully check all its parts to see if there are any problems with it. Once a problem occurs, it needs to be replaced immediately.

2. If you want to use the solar water heater normally in winter, you must ensure that the solar water heater contains enough water. Therefore, when we add water to his chiller, we must first look at the UV intensity of the next day, and then add an appropriate amount. If the UV intensity is good the next day, we can fill the water heater with water that night. If the UV intensity of the next day is not high, we can consider not adding it first, and then add it when the UV intensity is relatively high, so as to ensure that the water heater still contains a lot of hot water.

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