Are Solar Pool Heating Useful In Australia

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Are Solar Pool Heating Useful In Australia

How do solar water heaters work?

Cold water from your swimming pool is pumped to the roof where it is heated by the sun's heat. The water is then returned to your swimming pool at a much higher temperature. With the installation of a solar pool heater, the sun can heat your water for free, thus significantly reducing potential heating costs.

Why choose a solar water heater?

Australia - one of the sunniest places on earth. This means we have more opportunities than anyone else to use the sun's free energy to heat our swimming pools. Solar pool heating uses very little energy and only a few moving parts. This makes it the most economical, renewable and low-maintenance pool heating option.

Benefits of a solar hot water system

Extend your swimming season to 9 months of the year and beyond by using your pool cover during the winter months. The benefits of solar pool heaters include

The most economical way to heat your swimming pool

Environmentally friendly

Tailor-made to suit any roof style

Life expectancy of 20 to 30 years

Automatic or manual temperature control

Solar heated water

Generates radiant heat from the sun even on cloudy days

If a coexisting filter pump is installed, there is no need for a power supply to heat the pool

Automatic or manual temperature control

Very quiet during operation

Can be installed on flat roofs or concrete slabs

Can be installed on north, east or west roofs

Can be used in conjunction with any auxiliary heating system

When installed with a filter pump, solar pool heating is free to operate

If you are interested in purchasing a solar pool heater or other pool heating options, please get in touch today.

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