Advantages of flat panel solar energy

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Advantages of flat panel solar energy

After decades of development, the flat-panel solar water heater has become more mature and perfect in technology, and has the advantages that other types of solar energy do not have.

First, it is especially suitable for the requirements of building integration. Due to its flat structure characteristics, the flat-panel solar water heater is in the building integration application of solar energy.

The state-of-the-art structure is not restricted by shape or size, and it is easy to realize the combination with building components. In addition, its heat collecting plate is made of metal,

It is convenient to use wire knot, welding and other connection methods, which provides convenience for installation, maintenance and use.

Second, it has high thermal efficiency. Because the evacuated tube solar collector is composed of several evacuated tubes, and there is a gap between the tubes, when it is illuminated by sunlight, a part of the solar energy is not accepted by the collector. The flat-panel solar collector is a continuous plane, and the entire surface of the collector can receive sunlight. Therefore, under the same lighting area and sunshine intensity, the daily average efficiency of flat-panel solar water heaters is generally more than 6% higher than that of vacuum tube solar water heaters.

Third, it has good pressure bearing performance. Since the heat-absorbing plate of the flat-panel solar collector is made of metal materials, and the connection between the collector and the water storage tank is also made of metal parts, it can withstand the pressure from tap water and circulating pump.

At present, urban water generally adopts a centralized water supply system, and the pressure of tap water is relatively high, which requires a certain pressure of hot water from the solar water heater, thereby reducing the pressure difference between the water heater outlet and the tap water outlet. User convenience and comfort are provided.

Fourth, the performance is stable when forming a large system. For some large places, such as hotels, swimming pools, factories and other places, when using solar water heaters, many solar collectors are often required to form a large-scale water supply system. If flat panel solar collectors are used, use a metal connection between the collector and the system

Instead of connecting with rubber and plastic parts like vacuum tube solar water heaters, the stability of the entire system can be guaranteed. Therefore, in the establishment of large-scale solar

When the hot water system is used, flat-panel solar collectors are often used.

In addition, the flat-panel solar water heater has the advantages of simple structure, convenient processing and easy drying and large-scale production, which also makes it low in manufacturing cost and low in installation cost.

and long service life. Of course, the problems of high heat loss and anti-freezing of flat-panel solar collectors also need to be further solved through technological innovation. In order to actively participate in the international competition and develop the domestic high-end market, we must pay attention to the research and development of flat-panel solar water heaters, and improve the technical level and international level of solar thermal utilization in my country with a more open mind.

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