solar water heater for pool

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solar water heater for pool

You can significantly reduce heating costs by installing a solar heating pool system. They are inexpensive in competition with the gas and heat pump heaters, and they have very low annual operating costs. In fact, solar heating pool is the cost-effective use of solar energy in many climates.

The composition of the solar heating pool system

It consists of solar collectors, circulating pumps, solar controllers, heat exchangers, expansion tanks and valve accessories.

How does the solar heating pool work?

Solar collectors absorb sunlight to obtain high-temperature heat. The solar controller will intelligently control the circulating pump R1 to circulate and heat the medium in the pipeline, and bring the heat to the heat exchanger. The water in the swimming pool will be circulated and heated by the circulating pump R2, taking away the heat of the heat exchanger, thereby heating the pool.

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How to design the solar heating pool?

There are many design factors for the solar heating swimming pool project, such as:

The size of the swimming pool;

The initial temperature of the pool water;

Swimming pool usage season and usage requirements;

The amount of sunshine in the city;

Solar collector installation location;

Do I need an extra hot shower after swimming?

Utilization, connection and intelligent control of original heating and filtering equipment.

The design of alternative energy systems, etc.

The solution of solar heating swimming pool needs to be designed and configured according to the actual situation. Not only can the advantages of solar energy be used to the greatest extent to meet its own needs, but it also reduces the use and waste of non-renewable energy such as gas and electricity, protects the environment, saves energy and reduces emissions.

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