choose split solar water tank

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choose split solar water tank

The split solar water storage tank is divided into pressurized solar water tank and non-pressurized solar water tank. Choose the right tank type according to the requirements of different groups of people and use.

1, Split pressurized solar water tank

The reason why the pressurized type water tank is under pressure is because the water tank is closed and the hot water discharge pressure is high.


The tank capacity is available from 150L to 2000L, and depending on the application, a different number of copper coils (heat exchangers) can be placed in the tank. Of course, no need copper coils can also be used in areas with good water quality.

2,Split non-pressurized solar water tank

The non-pressurized water tank is an open water tank that is not subjected to pressure, so the pressure of the water discharge is determined by the height difference between the installation height of the solar water tank and the water outlet. The higher the tank installation height, the greater the effluent pressure.

Unpressurized Solar Water Tanks -1

Its capacity is available from 1000L to 15000L. It can be used as a hot water storage device for large and medium-sized solar central heating systems, solar heating systems, electric or gas heating systems.

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