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SFO Pressurized Solar Water Tanks

SFO pressurized solar water tank is used as a hot water storage device for solar heating systems, electric power or gas heating systems.
  • SFO

  • 150L-2000L

  • SUS304/SUS316L,Polyurethane

  • Hot water storage

  • Pressurized,Working pressure 0.6Mpa

  • 3 years


1. Product Description

1.1 Overview

SFO pressurized solar water tank is for hot water storage of solar heating systems, electric power or gas heating systems. Its capacity is from 150L to 2000L with working pressure 0.6Mpa, and the test pressure 0.9Mpa.
As per different situations,different numbers of heat exchangers (copper coils) can be add inside tank. Some examples are below
  • In areas with good water quality, you can use tank without coils
  • Majority of solar heating systems use tanks with 1 coil inside
  • The two coil water tanks are mainly used for floor heating system and system with backup power like gas heater

1.2 Structure

SFO pressure water tank is mainly consists of inner tank, outer tank,  heat exchanger (copper coils) and polyurethane insulation layer, equipped with PT valve, magnesium rod and check valve.

Pressurized Solar Water Tanks-1.2

2. Specifications and Size

2.1 Specifications

Pressurized Solar Water Tanks-2.1

2.2 Optional accessories


Electric heating

Backup heating equipment.


Thermostatic valve

Automatically control the outlet temperature according to the setting.


Pressure Relief Valve

Regulate and stabilize pressure.


Expansion tank

Stable pressure.

3. Warranty and certificate

  • 1st sunflower has passed ISO9000, CE, Solarkeymark, SRCC, BV, SGS, Watermark and other quality management systems and product testing institutions certification.
  • Water tank: 3 years

4. Packaging and transportation

The water tank is packed in carton, and the bulk cargo transportation adds plywood box packaging. Transport and storage, the water tank should be placed.

Pressurized Solar Water Tanks-paragraph4

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