You Need A Solar Attic Fan In Winter

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You Need A Solar Attic Fan In Winter

If installing a fan in winter surprises you, you are not alone. Many customers purchase solar attic fans to remove hot air buildup in the summer, not realizing that these fans are just as important, if not more so, in the winter. Colder temperatures can also compromise the structural integrity of your attic, causing leaks, insulation damage, mold, mildew, and wood rot. Fortunately, installing a solar attic fan on your roof provides a simple, easy, and affordable solution to winter attic ventilation problems.

Balance indoor and outdoor temperatures

Keeping your attic at an even temperature is one of the most reliable ways to curb condensation and prevent moisture buildup in your attic. While no home is immune to moisture buildup in the attic, newer homes are at greater risk. Advanced insulation in new homes keeps excess moisture inside by keeping cool, dry outside air out of the attic. The accumulation and condensation of moisture can have consequences and cause mold, rot and fungus. Solar attic fans prevent condensation by constantly exchanging warm, humid air in the attic with cool, dry air from outside the home.

Prevent mold, mildew and rot

In winter, warm air from the living space below rises from the house into the attic, where it contacts the cooler roof. When hot air cools upon contact with the roof, it can condense, causing rot and mold; all of which can wreak havoc on your roof, damage insulation, and create aesthetic problems in your home renovation. Solar-powered attic fans expel hot, humid air from the attic while introducing cool, dry air into the space. This exchange prevents condensation from forming and keeps the attic dry, preventing rot, mold, and mildew growth.

Avoid costly structural repairs

In addition to mold and rot, condensation buildup in the attic can cause another worrying problem: ice dams. Ice dams form when warm indoor air rises to the top of the attic, melts snow on the roof, and flows toward the eaves and gutters. Here, the snow refreezes and accumulates, forming a pile of ice, which prevents water from draining properly. Water pooled behind a dam can seep under the shingles, causing damage to the roof structure, walls, ceilings and insulation. Ventilating your attic with a solar attic fan can prevent ice dams from forming, helping you avoid costly repairs when the weather warms.

When the snow melts, save yourself the hassle of costly home repairs with a solar-powered attic fan. Affordable, reliable, and easy to install, solar attic fans are truly the gift that keeps on giving. Solar attic fans provide year-round attic ventilation with zero energy consumption, providing an affordable and easy way to maintain ideal attic temperatures in both summer and winter.

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