World's first national helpline for solar collectors

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The Indian Ministry of new energies and renewable has established a hotline activated by the national voice of solar water heaters to raise awareness of technology and respond to questions from consumers.
The step by the Indian Ministry of new energy and renewable forms part of the initiatives of UNDP project / GEF Global warming Solar water (GSWHP). The help line has been operating since September 15, 2011, and is managed by the Solar thermal Federation of the India.
The helpline offers a toll-free telephone number (1800 2 33 44 77), with hours of attention from 9: 30 am to 6: 00 pm from Monday to Friday, and 9: 30 am to 1: 30 pm Saturdays. The two used call center agents provide assistance both in Hindi and English.
The world's first national help line to answer questions about the solar thermal sector was established to direct customers with an accuracy of dealer or supplier of solar water heaters in the region. Manufacturers can pay a small fee to enroll in the call center and attract customers to its network of distributors and installers. The Indian Ministry of new energies and renewable allows that only manufacturers, which have been approved as channel partners for participating in the national program of incentives.
In addition, helpline will help you to better dissemination of information on the benefits of solar water heaters, as well as information on the incentives and financing related to the use of thermal solar technology.

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