Why we recommend you to use solar attic fan

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Why we recommend you to use solar attic fan

The solar attic fan is ideal for discharging old hot air from home and loft spaces and encouraging cool fresh air to flow. But what if the air in the winter is cool and you don't want to remove the warm air? The cool weather seems to rule out the need to use a solar attic fan, but it is actually very beneficial to continue the attic ventilation throughout the year. Fortunately, from the hot summer to the cool, humid winter, the solar attic fans are all year round.

Seasonal Changes

Since the high temperature may continue from the end of the spring to the early fall of autumn, the cooling effect of using the solar attic ventilator for the attic ventilation will help all year round. Clearing the hot air that accumulates in the attic helps to cool the entire home, and the resulting negative air pressure helps to draw in cold air from the outside. When the air in your home is cool in the coldest weather, you want to seal the cool air and keep the home warm. However, sealing your home and creating warmer air inside can create another problem that could damage your home.

Humidity and Condensation

During the cool months, the humidity in the house is greatly increased compared to the outdoor air. This is because the internal air is warmer and can accommodate cooking, showering, bare floor space and moisture released by the humidifier. This water vapor rises to the roof and collects on the walls of the attic where it condenses into water. Water in houses or roofs can cause serious problems such as leaks, wood rot, paint flaking, mildew, ice dams or pathogenic molds. You may not even notice these hidden problems at home. Removing moisture before humidity reaches this level can protect your home from structural and health risks.

Attic Fans in Winter

In the cool months, solar energy is an important part of the attic fan. The solar attic fan is only activated when the sun is shining and can only be operated when it is most needed. The warmest part of the day is also the time when the air is most hydrated. Internal heating often exacerbates humidity and humidity problems in the home. The attic fan will not only undulate and condense on the walls, r or tiles, but will help to actively remove moisture from the house.

In the winter, the solar attic fan can provide the necessary functions to remove excess moisture from the house and keep the house healthy and dry. However, if the air in your home is not wet in winter and winter, you can always choose to turn off the solar attic fan when the weather is cool. This helps to maintain insulation and maintain heating efficiency.

Reliable, All-Season Ventilation

One of the best things about solar attic fans is that they only use the energy of the sun as a power source. This helps reduce the cost of electricity while ensuring that the fan works hardest when the sun is shining. Most importantly, attic fans play a vital role in the home in all seasons of the year, including winter.

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