Why is the water out of the solar water heater not warm?

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Why is the water out of the solar water heater not warm?

The use of solar water heaters is already very common, and there will always be the phenomenon that the water is not hot during everyone's use, especially after the weather turns cold into the autumn and winter, the water is not hot, and it is even more distressing. So what is the reason why the water from the solar water heater is not hot?

Weather reasons: Compared with other seasons in winter, solar thermal radiation energy is low, and the heating speed of water heaters is slower.

Solution: One is to add auxiliary energy heating, common electric heating and gas heating; the other is to increase the solar heat collection area.

Illumination problem: The sunlight is blocked, the sunlight does not reach the collector or the illumination time is reduced, which reduces the thermal efficiency and produces less hot water.

Solution: Remove obstructing objects or transfer solar collectors to get the best light effect.

Air cause: In some places, the air quality may not be good or the air pollution is sometimes serious. Floating objects accumulate on the solar collector, which affects the normal operation of the solar water heater.

Solution: Check the surface of the solar collector regularly, and clean the accumulated dust in time.

Valve problem: The water temperature of the solar water heater is not enough because the upper and lower water valves are not closed tightly.

Solution: check or replace the water ball valve

Water tank capacity: There is no hot water in the water tank or there is not enough hot water, the capacity is small, and the hot water volume of the water tank is exceeded when using hot water, resulting in insufficient water temperature.

Solution: Replace a hot water storage tank with a larger capacity or use an auxiliary energy heating system.

Water quality problem: The water quality is not good, and the scale inside the water heater affects the efficiency of the solar water heater.

Solution: Clean the vacuum tube.

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