Which types of roofs are suitable for installing solar power system

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The roof is everywhere in our urban and rural areas. The city has its own roof of the villa. There are large self-built houses in the country. The roofs are various in form and mostly idle. Many times, the commercial value of the independent property roof, especially the large industrial and commercial roof, if you have a limited budget, you can develop it by looking for a third-party investor, and have a roof to quickly install solar power system to realize it.


Of course, the roof of a single-family villa or self-built house also has economic value. If you have a certain amount of money, you can invest in your own roof to install solar power system.

Spontaneous use of surplus power online mode, you do not have to spend money on your own, can not be used to sell to the grid. 

Therefore, many owners with independent roofs are eager to install solar power system. Let's analyze which three types of roofs are ideal for installing solar power system.

1.Flat roof

The slope of the roof is less than 5% (2.86 degrees). It is a flat roof. It saves time and effort, is simple and generous, and can be used as an activity site. 

As a drying place, the flat roof is slow to drain and is prone to leakage. At the same time, in the summer, the house is not General heat.

The biggest advantage of installing a solar power system on a flat roof is that it is insulated and cooled. It is necessary to know that installing a solar power system can reduce the temperature by 5 to 7 degrees. The effect is very obvious. For flat roofs, there are two main ways to install solar power system plants:

(1) Steel frame shed

The so-called steel frame shed is to increase the bracket to install the solar power system station, which is equivalent to the roof and a layer of awning, which will not affect the activity space of the roof.

(2) Bracket mounting

In the form of cement pier + photovoltaic bracket, in order to ensure the power generation, the optimal inclination angle should be determined according to the geographical location of different regions and the actual situation. In order to ensure that the front row components do not block the rear row components, there should be a gap between the two rows of components space.


2.Sloping roof

Sloping roofs are generally more beautiful. Due to the large slope of the roof, the rainwater is easy to remove, and the construction is simple and easy to maintain. In rainy areas, this type of roof is generally adopted.

The biggest advantage of installing a solar power system station on a sloping roof is that the building integration effect is obvious, that is to say, it is very close to the roof, which does not affect the aesthetics of the house, and can make the roof become high-tech.

Installation of a photovoltaic power station on a sloped roof does not require an increase in the support and calculation of the inclination. The installation can be carried out according to the inclination angle of the roof itself, and the installation capacity is not affected by the area. For example, if the flat roof is installed 3KW, it needs 30 square meters, and the slope roof can be 20 square meters. Due to the large slope, it can also be used to automatically clean the power station.


3.Flat sloping roof

As the name suggests, it combines the form of two roofs, so it combines the advantages of both roofs to simplify the building structure while enriching the building's shape.

The characteristics of this kind of roof-mounted solar power system station are basically similar to the first two, but the form is more flexible. It can be built on top of a flat roof for installation and insulation, or it can be laid on a sloped roof, depending on personal needs. 


The installation of solar power system station on the roof not only plays a role of heat insulation and cooling, but also creates beautiful green effects. It also protects the roof of the house and plays a green and environmental protection role. With the strong support of the country and the leap of the photovoltaic industry. Solar power system station will also become a standard, become a well-known wealth management products.

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