When does the solar water heater fill the water to the tank?

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When does the solar water heater fill the water to the tank?

The watering time of solar water heaters is best to choose to water under the condition of non-high temperature air exposure. The best time is two hours before sunrise or two hours after sunset.

This is because the solar water heater's heat collector can quickly collect heat and keep warm. Therefore, if the solar energy is filled water under the condition of extremely high temperature, because the temperature of the water is relatively low, and the temperature of the solar Energy is high, it is easy to break the tubes due to the large temperature difference, which will affect the normal use of the solar water heater.

In daily use, the water heater should be able to heat a sunny day as much as possible after the water is filled, so that the long-term sunshine can ensure the water temperature to the greatest extent. If the water is used immediately after the water is used up that night, it will easily affect the water temperature in the next morning. Water should be added after a while. 

After taking a shower at night in winter and spring, if there is still half of the hot water at 60~ 70℃ in the water heater tank, fill up the water that night to prevent excessive heat loss.

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